Grilled Prime Aged New York's

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  1. I was up in Santa Barbara doing some wine tasting...okay guzzling and stopped in a country market that I read about on Yelp.  They had some fantastic Prime Aged New York's for 9.95 a pound.  I love aged meats and you couldn't beat the price.  This weekend I got a chance to cook them the way I like.  Charred medium rare.  I fired up the Performer for two steaks using a full chimney with pecan chunks tossed in.  I wanted to get this grill HOT.  Checking the thermometer it was a nice 600 degrees.  It was ready.  Total cook time was about 6-7 minutes and the end product was to die for.  The Fess Parker Pinot was over the top.



  2. bmudd14474

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    Ill take a plate of that right there. :grilling_smilie:

    Have you thought about Dry Aging your own with the kits from Dry Bag?

    I have the kit and plan on doing it myself.
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    Looks fantastic!  And that is a good price. 

    Is that one of the cast iron grill inserts you cooked on?  I've thought about getting one for my weber.  How do you like it?
  4. Let me know how the dry aging turns out.  I would be interested in giving it a try. I was reading their site and they recommend do larger pieces of meat. 

    John the cast iron grate is very nice.  A must upgrade for all Weber kettles.
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    Now that's a meal!

    Great job!
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    Man that looks perfect !
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    You should be ashamed of yourself, flashing such a beautiful steak in front of a Hungry Bear !!!!  [​IMG]

    At least you didn't cut it open, and finish me off !!!!

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    I could use a plate of that!!  Great job!!
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    Now thats a plate of food that I would really like to pull a chair upto. Great Steak. Did you know that Jeff has a new website called grilling that he just started last week I believe.
  10. Thanks for looking guys.  There is something about charring a nice steak that brings out the fun in the evening.
    I tried looking that url up but couldn't find anything that really stood out.  Maybe someone can post a link.

    Last night after dinner we headed out to the boat.  When we arrived it was raining.  This morning it was clear with cold sunshine and calm waters.  Very beautiful for this time of year.


    The wife brought along a nice rib eye to split in half with some eggs for breakfast this morning.  But first I have to get the grill uncovered and cleaned off.


    I normally wouldn't slice a steak this thin since I like it charred and medium rare but it was for breakfast and the wife likes her's well done. I try to put as much char on the meat in the quickest time possible when the steaks are this thin.  It still turns out medium plus.  But being a rib eye there is so much flavor I can live with it.


    After I eat this I'm going back to bed and sleep until lunch. [​IMG]

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    Looks great!

    Nice buy for prime beef, too!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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