GOSM vs Masterbuilt XL vs SH 44

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jond36, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. jond36

    jond36 Meat Mopper

    I am trying to find the best wide propane smoker. I have been cooking for a few years on a smokin it smoker and love it but am now looking for some size. I am looking for two answers here. 1. The best smoker with no mods. 2. Best smoker with mods.

    Any help is really appreciated.

    Jon D.
  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I have a wide block GOSM. Let's see it's about ten years old. I have made all kinds of good stuff in there. The therm hasn't worked since new. I haven't used the chip box forever. I use an AMNTS tube smoker from Amazin Smokers for smoke. I either put it in the smoker or in my mailbox and pipe the smoke in. I installed a needle valve and can easily maintain temps of 130-500+. I can get as low as 100 degrees but really have to babysit the smoker.

    Now I only use the GOSM for sausage, jerky, smoked fish. But I have loaded it up full with butts, chickens, ribs, pork loins, prime rib roasts.

    Been a great smoker!
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  3. jond36

    jond36 Meat Mopper

    Now if I am not mistaken, the needle valve is only for LP. If I convert to NG I dont need it because its regulated at the meter, right?

    Do any of those three hold 225 without the needle mod?
  4. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You would need a needle valve to still get the lower temps. Both fuels are regulated at the source. The temp knob on the smoker is what controls the amount of fuel going to the burner. The factory setting for the lowest temp is set high to avoid flame out. So by adding another cable between it and the fuel source you limit it more.

    My GOSM prior to the needle valve adjustment could go down to 200 and up to about 500 and maintain whatever temps in between. With the needle valve I can go as low as 100.
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  5. jond36

    jond36 Meat Mopper

    Excellent. I appreciate the help. The rib rack and sausage hangers in the smoke Hollow 44 are so tempting, but heard it chugs gas. It is on sale at sams for only 250.

    Decisions, decisions.:icon_sad:
  6. rjonesusc

    rjonesusc Newbie

    I recently bought the Smoke Hollow Pro 44 from Sam's and plan to use it for the first time this weekend.  For the price I thought it was worth giving it a shot.

    While putting it together I removed the hose that came with it and replaced it with the Bayou Classic M5HPR-1 which includes a needle valve.  I also put Fireblack 1/2 x 1/8 black gasket around the 2 doors only because I read the smoke may leak out the door a bit.  Depending on how it holds smoke I may also line where the top and bottom units come together with Rutland Stove Gasket Cement Black.

    With the needle valve in place I was able to easily hold 140 without worry of the flame going out but I don't really plan on needing to go that low.  I've been using the AMNTS for a couple years now and plan to use that in the SH as well.  Using only one burner (with the AMNTS above the other unused burner) and with the valve limiting the flame, I don't see how it can really burn through gas any faster than anything else that's putting out the same flame.  It's possible that because of the heat/smoke leakage in the door that more gas may have been needed to maintain temps but with the gasket in place I can't see that as being an issue.

    If you don't plan on purchasing right away I'll let you know how the SH performs and how much LP it uses if you'd like.  I don't have a lot of time to smoke between the kids' soccer and basketball games so I'm only planning on doing a couple tri-tips which should only take 1.5-2 hours so it may not be a good indication of fuel consumption.
  7. jond36

    jond36 Meat Mopper

    I literally was planning the same exact smoker as you have. Gasket and bayou valve and all. Let me know how it works. Its a tough deal to ignore.

    Jon D.
  8. rjonesusc

    rjonesusc Newbie

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I've smoked ribs, pastrami, tri-tip so far and it's worked great.  It's almost too easy with the heat (gas) and smoke (AMNTS) being separate.  With the mods it can hold steady at 175 if you ever wanted to go and can get too hot to where it fuses shut a flue (yes, I did that on the initial seasoning - oops).  The temp was so high it really burned down the gasket so it isn't holding the smoke as well as it could have otherwise but I'm still able to get a good amount of thin blue smoke coming out the stack.

    The 12" AMNTS fits perfectly where the removed chip box would go.  I also used the 18" AMNTS and put it higher up on the lowest rack near the door and that worked fine as well.

    All in all, I'd buy it again and do the same mods.  It works well and is worth the money IMO.  With a Maverick or 2 in there it really is set it and forget it.

    Hope that helps even though it's so late.

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