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Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by choupic, May 25, 2013.

  1. choupic

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    Well things are looking pretty good . I did learn something the other day ... You CAN fertilize too much ! My tomatoes grew like wild weeds but didn't put on many tomatoes . So I slowed down on fertilizer and they actually started putting on tomatoes .

    Cucumbers are really jumping now !

    Eggplant , bell pepper , eggplant, bell pepper . Accidentally killed the two plants on the end with round up so I'm about to put a few Roma tomatoes and jalapeños real close together . Love the garden thing !
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  2. kathrynn

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    Very pretty!  I need to get the grass out of mine...before I show more pics!  [​IMG]

  3. choupic

    choupic Fire Starter

    Thanks miss Kat ! The grass is not that bad in yours . You have a lot of room and a wide variety of veggies , it's very nice .

    My sister came and weeded mine a few days ago , she said she wanted to swap out labor for tomatoes when they ripen . Lol

    I wanted to ask you how many potatoes do you normally get with the half whiskey barrel ?

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