Freezing pulled pork?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ryaninmichigan, May 27, 2013.

  1. Anyone tried to cook ahead of time and freeze pulled pork for later?

    I have to cook for 30 people the end of June. I am figuring on 2, 7 pound bone in butts. I was kicking around smoking one at a time and freezing after it has been pulled. Anyone ever try this?
  2. bamafan

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    Works well. Just save all the juices and pack in the bags when you freeze them. I add a little apple juice when I reheat and do it slowly around 225 covered in foil.
  3. pgsmoker64

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    I do it all the time!  

    I always cook several pork butts at a time for pulling.  I pull it all at the same time and then freeze in one pound ziploc bags.  I use the small packages to insure that the meat gets below 40 degrees as quickly as possible.

    Also, if you use a finishing sauce on your pork, freeze it first then apply the seasoning later.  This will prevent the meat from developing a mushy texture during the freezing/thawing process.

    Good luck,

  4. there are only 2 of us here so I gotta freeze.  Usually the smaller quart sized bags make it to the freezer.  I squeeze out aas much air as possible. 
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    Yeah, it can be done , but why, it don't last that long here.

    All that good stuff in the Freezer and you'll have to wait till it gets hot to eat it (oh, and don't use a Microwave on it - - it really botches up the taste.

    Best is to  Shrink wrap and Boil till hot, flavor is retained and not zapped to heck and back... just sayin'

    Have fun and . .
  6. Just the wife and I here so there is always PP in the freezer!  I use a vacuum sealer with quart bags, no sauce just pulled. I usually boil in bag but sometimes I will put in foil pan and reheat with a little sauce for moisture.  Where in Michigan you from? I'm in the SW corner.

  7. Thanks everyone. I think I will smoke ahead of time and freeze it.

    I am east of Flint in Davison
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    2 , 7lbs butts don't seem like it will be enough to feed 30 people. When your done smoking them you will end up with around 9lbs of Pull Pork. you might want to double that amount. better to have to much then not enough.

    Just did 4 butts this weekend, right at 35lbs ( they was on sale for $.99lbs)

    yes we freeze them all the time. get a  vacuum sealer thats the best way to freeze them.

    they will last a long time that way in the freezer.

    and all that PP is just for me and the wife. (unless she gives some of it away. ) she does that a lot. [​IMG]
  9. The pork wont be the only meat. We will have chicken and lots of side as well. I might do three 7 ounders though. Better to have to much I know lots of people that weill eat the left overs.

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