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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokeybear, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. So my buddy is throwing a big throwdown for the UGA/Clemson game the 31st. Outdoor projection screen and all.  He has asked me to bring my smoker over and smoke something up for the party.  The game starts at 8, but we will start the setup between 9-10 am.  My question to you guys is what should I cook for the party?  I have only smoked boston butts and a few racks of ribs at home.  Dont think the butt is possible due to time.  What are some ideas that wont take 12+ hours?
  2. Chicken is always good. It will take wide temp swings. Cheap and tasty. Throw on some ABT's some smoked mushrooms. You can also do a butt a day or 2 before the heat it at the party. Polish sausage is always tasty'

    Remember to post some pics.

    Happy smoken

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Wings are always a favorite and these are a crowd pleaser:

    Like David said ABT's are great and can be cooked while cooking other stuff. Ribs are a good choice too since they make great finger food. Drum sticks are another good finger food item. Cold smoke some eggs in advance and make smoked deviled eggs, or smokey potato salad.
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    Brats are always good football food.  Would take around 2 hours in the smoker.

  5. lazykitty

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    Why not make butts the day before and reheat already pulled in aluminum pan.  still room for abts or wings or chicken. 
  6. I really want to do a butt, and have had a few guys ask me smoke one up.  But, this party is on a Saturday and I cant smoke one on friday due to work.
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    An idea for you........start the butt in a crock pot Friday night on low (I use a timer to shut it off after 4 or 5 hours) and finish it on the smoker the next day. I have done this twice when I was in a crunch for time and it worked very well.

  8. Well after kicking ideas around and peer pressure it has been decided that I am smoking 2 butts on Saturday the 31st. Gonna crash at my buddies the house the night before and get up bout 4-5 and throw em on. Should be a great day of smoking and kicking the football season off.
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    Go Irish!

    I'm ready!!!

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