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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jp61, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. jp61

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    I am planing on having a fish fry this or next Saturday with the boys at work. Was thinking.....yellow perch, hush puppies, fries and coleslaw. I'd like to cut my own fries the night before and know to keep them in water to prevent them from browning, but how long can they stay in water. I usually make the fries right there and then. It would be nice if I could just throw them in the cooler in the morning with  the fish without any messing around with it. I just don't know if they'll be OK in ziplock bags with or without water until about 11:30am the following day. I can always just go buy some frozen fries, but I thought it would be better to have fresh cut if possible. Also I found this recipe for hush puppies and coleslaw that sounded pretty good. What do you guys think...... just go to the store and buy a bag of frozen fries? I'd rather not learn the hard way with this and have disappointed friends and coworkers.


    ps- maybe vacuum seal? 
  2. lu1847

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    Can't beat perch!!! Here's a few from last weekend. I would think vacuum packing them would work for sure. No air no color change.
  3. jp61

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    [​IMG]  Nice! My buddy renewed his license today and said limit is now 40 (was 30) [​IMG]
  4. jp61

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    Vacuum sealed it is!

    Now I'll be able to get some sleep! [​IMG]

    I'll try to snap some pics if I can, but will be very busy within limited time.
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  5. smker

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    they'll last a few days in water and in the fridge,  you could add fruit fresh to the water or dissolve a couple vitamin C tabs in with it and extend that time in the fridge

    you could use one of these recipe's  going around to mike fries like McDonald's,  kind of a pain in making them but pretty decent fries,    cut the fries,soak in water then blanched in the firer for a few min at a lower temp then they sit for awhile and then cooked at regular temp.

  6. jp61

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    Thanks smker!

    I thought the potatoes may get waterlogged at some point. 
  7. rhinoguy

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    The fries will be fine overnight.  They will actually be alot better.  All you need to do is cut them, rinse them, and store them in the fridge covered with water.  You can take a extra step when cooking them by frying them twice and you will have a better result.  If you are going to fry them twice you will need to do the first frying at around 300 degrees.  Cook the fries until they are tender, but not browning.   After all of your batches of fries cooked at 300 are done raise the temp to 400.  Once your frier gets to 400 you can start adding back the pre-cooked fries.  This time cook them until they are to your desired crispyness. 

    Mashed potatoes will also turn out better if you soak the potato cubes overnight...
  8. desertlites

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    Been making fries that way for ever ^^, learned from mom and grandmother
  9. jp61

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    Thanks guys!

    Appreciate the responses. I'm gonna give vacuum sealing a shot..... that should keep them from browning until ready to fry. For some reason that didn't cross my mind at first thought. I don't want to take the chance of maybe waking up a bit late for some reason and then scramble to drain and ziplock bag the fries and maybe have them turning colors anyway. I can not be late for work. I will have everything needed to make this happen loaded in my ride the night before except items that need refrigerated, then just throw those in the cooler with some ice. I've known of the double frying technique but have never actually done it and more than likely won't do it this time either do to time constraints. But I do appreciate the tips. It would be much easier just to go buy some frozen [​IMG]
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  10. rhinoguy

    rhinoguy Fire Starter

    If you do decide to soak them its easier to put them in a Tupperware container than in a zip lock.  They wont turn colors as long as they are covered in water and refrigerated. 
  11. jp61

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    I know I'm starting to inch closer to becoming a senior citizen, but sometimes I wonder about the gray matter in the dome. I have perfect containers that I can put them in and with water. Thanks for not giving up on me! [​IMG]
  12. smker

    smker Meat Mopper

    soaking in water overnight removes excess starch,    there isn't much difference in temps  but most call for  290 for about 2 min on the first fry,  then a cool down and then 370 till golden brown or how ever you prefer them 
  13. jp61

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    First I'd like to say thanks to those who posted to this thread.

    Change in plans.... I'm just doing the perch, hush puppies and soft drinks. Coworkers are bringing the rest of the stuff. I just came back from the store with some items, including self-rising flour and regular cornmeal. The hush puppies recipe  calls for 2 cups each of self-rising cornmeal and self-rising  flour. The store only had regular yellow corn meal (Enriched - Degerminated) Not self-rising.  

    I've never made hush puppies before, so now I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking of adding 2 tsp of baking powder to the dry ingredients. Would this be OK to do, or is it too much?  I only have one shot at making these, so I'd like to get it right. 

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  14. S/F JP.

    I make my own SR cornmeal. Don't use it that often.

    For one cup of self-rising cornmeal

    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3/4 cup cornmeal, PLUS
    3 tablespoons cornmeal

    Ya gotta add some chopped jalapenos in those puppies.[​IMG]
  15. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thanks Gunny! S/F

    I got Aunt Jemima corn meal. There's a recipe on the back for hush puppies......1 1/2 cups of corn meal and 1/2 cup all-purpose flour + the rest of ingredients, and for this it calls for 2 tsp of baking powder. That's where I got the 2 tsp from. LOL...... the heck with's free. [​IMG]  I just didn't want to see them puppies start floating up and out of the hot oil do to too much baking powder. Jalapenos would be good but I don't have any.... too late now. Next time.
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  16. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    In the end everything worked out good and tasted good. Here are the only four pics I took...

    The hush puppies recipe is good..... everyone liked it.
  17. rhinoguy

    rhinoguy Fire Starter

    Looks Good!

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