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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by spaste19, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Hi all, new guy on board. I have been processing my own venison for a number of years, making my own burger and brats and decided to try my hand at some summer sausage. I just picked up a Masterbuilt electric smoker (sportsman elite) and made my first batch. Used a LEM season pack and didn't add anything. Kept it very basic. So they came out alright. Good texture, decent flavor. My biggest problem for first time is the outside is a little hard or rubbery. Not real bad, but enough to know o did something wrong. Hoping maybe you guys can tell me what caused this. So, I put the SS in collagen casings and started them at 140 for 1 1/2 hours. Then added some hickory chips and took the temp up to 170 for 6.5 hours, then 180 for about an hour. When I took them out I had an IT of 163.
    Did I just have them in too long? Or took them up in temp too quick? Any input appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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    When you pull them immediately immerse in an ice water bath to stop the cooking. Leave in the ice water until the IT is down to around 120*. Then hang them up for a while to bloom out and at this point you can wipe off any grease that may appear on some of the casing jackets. Once they are cooled down a bit place in the refrig overnight. Then wipe down again and slice/vac seal.

    I might also add it you start out at the first hour with no smoke at 120* and then raise the temp by 10 degrees each hour until you reach that 180 you will bring the meat up slowly, and as usual monitor the internal temp so you know whats going on when it hits the "stall". I sometimes have to raise my temp to 200 to push it over the stall then back down to 180.  I generally pull mine out of the smoke at IT of 165 range. I hope this helps you. Here is a link to my method on SS.

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    Thanks For the response HT. I did put them in an ice bath for a half hour after I took them out. Then let them hang at room temp for two hours before putting in the cooler. I will try bringing the temp up slower next batch. It's not bad, just stiff enough to notice. I'll keep experimenting and thanks again.
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    you can also soak the casing in warm water for and hour or so before stuffing, that helps as well.
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    S19, it sounds like the outside cooked faster than the inside, follow HTs' advice on low temps and bumps. Also may have been that your internal temp was a bit too high and this too would have caused your "crust". I take mine to 153-154 and cool immediately to 110-120 and then bloom out of the draft for a few hours.
  6. spaste19

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    Will definitely bring the temp up slower next time and watch IT. Seems I followed everything else, so I'm pretty sure that was my issue.
    Thanks, Steve
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