First Turkey and now in a contest!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by returnofsid, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. returnofsid

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    Please consider helping my daughter and me out in this local contest!  A local appliance company, along with a local news station is running a contest for local hunters. The winner receives a new freezer, which we desperately need!  We were in the lead for several weeks, by well over 200 votes.  Now we've fallen into second place in the past few days with only a few days left.  The contest runs through March 31st.  You can vote every day, on multiple devices each day!

    This was the first turkey I ever shot AND the very first thing I ever smoked!  I smoked it on an LP BBQ, with a small smoke box.  It actually turned out fairly good for never having smoked anything and using a BBQ!  HAHA

    His buddy will soon be smoked, on a real smoker!


    There's nothing to sign up for or log into.  It's easy and only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is click on the link, verify that the photo showing is of my daughter and I with my first ever turkey harvest, and VOTE DAILY!

    Thank you so much for your help!!

  2. Hello Michael.  Well between first and second; your photo has the prettier girl.  [​IMG]   That gets my vote.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. rmmurray

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    Hey Michael, that's a nice bow and a nice bird! That gets my vote. Great job!
  4. returnofsid

    returnofsid Fire Starter

    HAHA Thanks!  We think so too!  Actually, Sara, who's in first place, is a friend of ours.  But we still wanna win!
    Thanks!  2013 Hoyt Carbon Element G3.  I LOVE IT!

    Please keep the votes coming everyone!
  5. thegambler19

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    Looks good Michael! You have my vote, congrats on your first attempt at smoking and goodluck to you! :)
  6. returnofsid

    returnofsid Fire Starter

  7. Now you have me in a pickle! Sara is one of my close friends but you are a Smokingmeatforums brother! lol. I have been voting for both of you daily! good luck!
  8. returnofsid

    returnofsid Fire Starter

    HAHA!  I also know Sara.  She's a great woman.  My daughter Madison, the one in my photo, got to meet her at the Big Horn Show a couple weeks ago and was pretty excited.  She made me take photos of the two of them together.
  9. Thats awesome! I remember seeing that photo on Sara's Facebook. Im glad you guys are enjoying some friendly competition!
  10. sota d

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    Michael, you've got my vote-and I'll be back tomorrow! Good luck, David.
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  11. returnofsid

    returnofsid Fire Starter

    Thanks all!  We're falling quite a bit behind again!
  12. frosty

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    Got a couple of my votes!  Best of luck to you!!  [​IMG]
  13. returnofsid

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    Today's the day!! Please VOTE, on multiple devices and SHARE throughout the day, on any pages you can think of!! You've all helped us retake the lead! However, with a Public Figure Twitter account, as soon as she wakes, she'll start "tweeting," again!  Please help us keep this lead!  The contest ends at midnight tonight, PST.  Thank you all so very much!!
  14. sota d

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    Another vote from me! I'll vote from a couple more devices when I get home this PM. Good luck, David.
  15. returnofsid

    returnofsid Fire Starter

    Thank you!  She's fired up her twitter account and racked up almost 300 votes in about 30 minutes...haha
  16. I cant believe how fast you are both racking up votes! its crazy!!! lol!
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