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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by cprmom, May 25, 2014.

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    Having a party tomorrow and one of the families wanted chicken. I added chicken to smoker with 3 slabs of ribs and a roast to make that pepper stout beef. I pulled them out of smoker at 165 because I am going to reheat everything tomorrow. My question, do I reheat in smoker or oven? I am so excited because they look so good!!

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    You can use which ever one you like for reheating. I find the oven to be fine for most items, but at times, the "O" is busy with other items, so off to the smoker we go. Also, the smoker may be a larger capacity and handles it without crowding things so much. The only thing you may want to do is rotate the smoker grates for multiple items, as food and pans on lower grates can catch a lot more of the heat and baffle the grates directly above it. The larger the item, the more of a baffling effect it has. Always double-check you internal temps when reheating to be sure you're getting them heated evenly...once or twice during the reheat is sufficient, then one last check at the end just to be sure.

    You had a nice smoke going there today...happiness is a full smoker!!! LOL!!! Ah, pepper stout about that a while back...still haven't tried it day, soon, I hope. Let us know how everything goes. Any other questions, give a shout.

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    Eric gave some great info. You get points for precooking the meats to an IT of 165°F! (See Below)

    Reheating time and temps are important. Even meat that is well wrapped can become contaminated during handling and from environmental conditions prior to reheating. It is best to reheat as quickly as possible, reach an IT of 165°F in no more than 2 hours. Oven or Smoker temps should be between 275° and 325°F. Wrapping foods to be reheated retains moisture and heats faster. If a crispy Bark or Poultry Skin is desired, reheat to an IT of abot 150°F then remove the foil and finish heating to an IT of 165°F...Best of Luck...JJ

    For the benefit of all...NEVER precook proteins that will be smoked to an Internal Temperature (IT) below 165°F. The risk of undercooked and/or raw portions of the meat is high. This meat will have spent excessive time in the Danger Zone, 40° to 140°F ( 4° to 60°C ) during both the cooking process and during cool down. Portions taken to less than 165°F may harbor any number of Bacteria that has now become more heat resistant, can survive heating to 165°F, has very possibly produced deadly Toxins and may have formed Spores that will be compleately impervious to internal temps up to about 212°F.

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