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  1. I have a big stainless box (3'x2'x6') that I want to turn into an electric smoker.

    I'm thinking about insulating it, and basically getting an oven and putting it's heating elements in the box.

    Please give advice on how this will work, or other better options.

    Still not sure about how to make it smoke.. I'm thinking about putting wood chips in a pan above the elements.

    Please comment.
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  2. Great suggestions guys. Thanks for the help.
  3. Come on y'all! Out of 80 views surely somebody has some input. :help:
  4. smokin phil

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    If it were me, I'd get an easy to source 1500W element run by a PID. As for smoke, I'd go something AMAZEN. Insulation is good. Should work fine!
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    What do you want to smoke? I agree with setting up a PID controller for your heat source. It will allow you to doña wide range of smokes. You can make your own or buy a plug n play unit.

    As for the heating element that's a large interior space if you are primarily wanting to make jerky, smoked fish, or sausage a 1500 watt element may work okay.
    If you are looking to smoke whole muscle meat like pork shoulders, roasts, chickens, etc you may need more.

    I second looking at using a smoke generator from AMAZN Smokers. I would put it in a separate box and pipe the smoke in. That way you could also cold smoke easily. Search for mailbox mods.

    Being in a colder climate I like the idea of insulating the unit.
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  6. Thanks for the info guys! I am not familiar with the AMAZN smoke products... I will be looking into that.

    A little more info about what I intend to use this smoker for. I cater bbq quite a bit (100-150 lbs of meat every weekend in summer) and I want this to work so that I can load it up and go to bed, or work, and come back to cooked bbq. I want to insulate this because I want to use it in my garage without worrying about burning the house down

    I have recently purchased a old residential range/oven for the heating. Not sure how well it will work.

    My newest concern is how do I keep the grease drippings from catching fire on the elements?

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