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  1. I have been smoking pork left and right on the WSM. Did a fattie a couple of weeks ago. Just tried ABTs...and today a chuckie. This is my first hunk o' beef on my WSM and I will give you all a little opinion on the WSM. I have run it about five times now and I will say this---this smoker is amazing. Holds temps, long smokes, etc. So... Here goes the Qview.This is my first one so bear with me.

    I bought 6.07lbs of chuck roast at Sam's yesterday. $16.08 total cost. I coated it with thick wooshy sauce,  rubbed it down with SPOG and a little cayenne pepper. The pics below are the chuckies rubbed, wrapped (they sat in the fridge overnight), and then the other pics are the smoker fired up---notice the thin blue smoke :)  Then of course, the chuckies on the smoker. I am using mesquite and cherry wood.  Will probe them in about 2.5 more hours and update qview as the day goes on. (and at that point I'll also throw some ABT's on!).  Enjoy the qview!


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    Looks great!!

      I love my rocks!!

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    Looks good so far!
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    Looks good... And it gives me some ideas.
  5. Here we are.... 4 hours into the cook, meat is probed... both chuckies are over 140 degrees and are actually within 1 degree of each other. Here are some pics of the meat, the temps, and I just threw on 10 japs for some ABTs! Should be a good one :) Something about just having a smoker half full that bothers me, so when I fire her up---I load it up!  Foil is next---at 165. Then I am taking her to 200 and then to a cooler to rest for 2 hours or so before its pullin time!

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    Looking good [​IMG]

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