First Beer Can Chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by danowpg, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. For the third smoke I've done on my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel, I decided to try my hand at beer can chicken. This time round I decided to use charcoal on the smoker and learned a lot from doing it that way. It's not the greatest for using charcoal in my opinion cause it's difficult to load up the pan with charcoal once it's in place. I felt like I struggled to get it to the temp I was shooting for (325F) and was happy if I got to 300F. It seemed to settle in around 250F, so it took about 3 hours to cook the chicken to 165 degrees but it turned out great! It was quite honestly, the best chicken I've ever had (sorry Mom). So juicy and tender but not fall off the bone. To top it all off, I found a recipe online for a smoked mac & cheese and put that in there too! 

    Here's the results....

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    Very nice smoke you did there ,,,[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Follow your nose.. you'll see Griz in a few minutes if he ain't already been there 😂

    I agree! Good food there. Points!

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  4. Thanks guys! Might attempt a pulled pork this weekend, so I'll be sure to look in the forums for some tips.
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    Yea.. pulled pork is a breeze. Just make checks to take it off at 200 degrees in center. Put it in a pan after 150 or 160 to save juices. 🤓 fatty fatty drippings before then you can toss out if you want..
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    toss... out... fatty drippings?

    give them to me. I'll take them!


    (of course I eat a diet that has a cardiologist dreaming of a new yacht... and frustrates the docs when my numbers are way better than his. I barely eat carbs, but I'll get a serious twitch for some fat. my friends once made me a sign that read 'will box for crispy chicken skin' )
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  7. Trying my first beer can smoked chicken now, having trouble getting one up to temp. But we'll keep at it.
    Grrat job on yours. I might have to try that mac smoke it looks good
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  8. The smoked mac and cheese was sooo good...a perfect compliment to the chicken

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