First Babybacks on the Chargriller Kamado Kooker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by toby bryant, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. We had some slaw and Dutch's Beans left from the pulled pork cook and I have been itching to do ribs on the Kamado since I got it last June. So, we picked up two slabs of Babybacks early Wednesday morning and I removed the membrane, applied a little mustard, and a good coating of Jeff's Naked Rub. Wrapped in Saran Wrap and placed in the fridge about 9:00 AM.

    11:00 AM - lit the Kamado using Stubbs briquettes, 3 chunks of hickory, and 3 chunks of cherry

    Set the smoking stone (heat deflector) in place with a foil pan filled with a quart of apple juice on top

    Hooked up the Maverick to monitor smoker temp (shooting for 230° to 240°), put some apple juice in a spray bottle for spritzing, and some extra rub in a shaker for sprinkling.

    12:00 PM - the smoker is holding steady

    So, the star of the show hits the grate

    1:00 PM - spritz with apple juice and sprinkle on some more rub

    2:00 PM - another spritz and sprinkle

    3:00 PM - starting to develop a nice bark, last spritz and sprinkle

    4:00 PM - the bones are starting to protrude from the meat, time to foil

    Placed first rack on a large piece of foil and spritz with apple juice, placed second rack directly on top of first rack and spritz. Make a loose pouch with foil making sure it is well sealed and place back on smoker for one more hour.

    5:00 PM - dinner time!!!!!

    My Mother-in-Law cooked up some fresh green beans to go with the slaw and leftover Wicked Beans


    Thanks for looking everybody!
  2. Those ribs look great. I'm doing some this weekend on my vision kamado for the first time and you're making my mouth water with anticipation. I love using the kamado cooker, I hate sounding like a fanboy but it really has changed the way my wife and I cook.
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    Great looking stuff !!!

    Love the close-up!!!

  4. Great looking ribs and love the kamado cooker, got mine 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it, Any problems keeping it in the 230 - 240 range?  I did some spares last weekend and had some issues still ahve a lot to learn about charcoal as I've been a gasser most my life. Do you think the briquests are better than the lump?  I've heard and read the lump burns a bit hotter.
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    Very nice, Toby!  Those are some tasty lookin' BB's.  [​IMG]

  6. I know what you mean. I use my Kamado Kooker at least 4 days a week year round. The most versatile grill/smoker I have ever owned.
  7. Thanks Bear ... Gotta have some Bearview.

    Thanks Red, the ribs turned out great.
  8. The briquettes seem to burn at a more even temperature. I only use Stubbs All Natural Hardwood briquettes, and I only use them on low and slow cooks. If I am doing anything at higher heat I use Royal Oak lump. I had a lot of trouble keeping the temp below 260° when I first got it and if it was windy you had no chance. I did some simple modification to make the Kooker more airtight and since then I have no problem keeping temps as low as 225°. Here is the thread I did on the mods:

    Hope this helps.
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    Wow looking good.

    The Ribs even look tasty RAW!
  10. Thanks, SQWIB! I was very pleased with the ribs. The only thing I would do different next time is leave them foiled a little longer. I like to be able to pull the bone out clean and these weren't quite there. The meat came off the bone with no pull and the bones were clean and white. I got rave reviews from everyone that had them, but I am my own worst critic most of the time. :biggrin:

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