First attempt at "competition" chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by papadon, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. I took chicken thighs, deboned then pulled the skin off. I scrapped the back side of the skin with a sharp knife to remove the fat. All the skins were almost see through.
    I seasoned the meat with a rub, placed the skin back on and re-seasoned.
    I then placed the chicken in three pans with margarine and butter.

    I smoked the chicken in the pans, at 300, for 30 minutes then removed for 30 minutes out of the butter bath on the grate.

    Once I reached 165 IT, I sauced the thighs. This is where it got away from me. All this prep/cook was after work, which took 5 hours. It was cold outside and didn't want to stand there watching it.

    I was happy for my first time, I had fun. Very tasty but a little too spicy for the kids. Like all smoked foods, it was better the next day.
  2. Nice Job

  3. b-one

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    Looks tasty!:drool
  4. Thanks guys.
    I used to just smoke on the weekends, now it's filtering over to the weekdays. Just this week I've done the chicken above and a bacon wrapped pork loin. BTW, the bacon re-smoked on the loin with Jeff's rub on it, WOW. Next smoke I'm going throw on some extra rubbed down thick sliced bacon, man it's amazing. (Of course I shouldn't eat it but I'll use it as a reward for meeting a weight loss goal.)
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    nice looking! I love chicken thighs done that way! I've added some red hot to my butter to add a little buffalo flavor. Have some bite through skin? Did you just fold it back or remove fully?

    Keep it up! (To spicy I heard that from the girlfriend and parents when I made my own rub one time... no more cayenne in the seasonings)
  6. Yes. The skin was bite through.
    I took the skin off completely. It would be hard to scrap it otherwise.
    Hot sauce sounds good to me.
  7. good looking thighs papa don.looks like you got that down pat.


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