Dual 55 gallon drum vertical reverse flow build

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bighoss82, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. So here we go. I'm aiming for this.

    It has to be done by the end of the month. I'm smoking 120# of brisket for my brother in laws wedding. Talk about deadlines....

    Started by taking apart a garage sale vertical smoker I got for $5.

    Then we cut the back off. It's only 17 inches deep and I want to be able to fit a full size catering pan on the shelves. So were extending the back 7 inches.

    I found 2 single use 55 gallon drums at a paper recycler. They held extra virgin sesame seed oil 1 time. Inside they were pristine. Freebie find for me. So we cut the tops off.

    Then we welded them together.

    That's it for tonight. On shift tomorrow night and family time Friday night. Saturday, we build.
  2. Nice start.
    So I'm guessing this beast will be trailer mounted??
  3. There's just not enough time. We'll be putting it on a rolling frame for now. We can always change it later. That's my goal though.
  4. okiedave

    okiedave Smoke Blower

    Is that an MM252 I see in the background?
  5. Which pic okie?
  6. okiedave

    okiedave Smoke Blower

    First post, second to last picture, right after "Then we welded them together."
  7. That it is. It also has the aluminum spool gun.
  8. How did the smoker work out.

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