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  1. Have any of you used DRY SPICE? It is small caister of FDA approved silica gel that absorbs moisture. Iput one in a jar of rub that has brown sugar in it and the jar is like the cheese shakers you get in pizza joints. It has been well over a month and no clumping at all. If I remember right a ten pack was $7.95 with free shipping. Ordered it from. www.drypice.com. They claim that each canister is good for upto a year. The canisters are less than an inch long and about half an inch in diameter.
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    Is it FDA approved to go in food.   FDA approves a lot of products in addition to food use.
  3. Yes, it is designed to keep spices dry and free from clumping.
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    That's good to know.  Thanks

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