Double Butt Sunday - w/Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by litmargin, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. My first post of a smoke.

    The wife gave me an MES30 for Christmas last year with loads of chips, and I've been smoking ever since.  I decided to wait until my chips ran low to pick up the AMNPS, and I finally ordered and received one last week.  A quick 3 hour trial run with the AMNPS a few days ago produced the results I was looking for - set it and forget it simplicity with consistent thin blue smoke.

    The family is coming over for Sunday dinner this evening - pulled pork it is...

    Yesterday morning, time to get started

    Mustard coated and ready for rub

    Rubbed using my own recipe and wrapped in plastic

    Into the fridge til tomorrow

    6am this morning, starting up the AMNPS

    All set up with the AMNPS smoking

    more to come...
  2. It is going to be so good!


    Happy smoken.

  3. Looks good. I woke up early also to smoke a pork butt.
  4. bdskelly

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    Great looking PB.  Should go well with that New Castle ya got in the fridge.  Can wait to see the plate. B

    More Q-view! 

  5. 5 hours in and 150 IT, time to foil

    All foiled up, back inside

    I noticed at about the 3 hour mark that I was getting a lot more smoke than I was at first, so I damped it down by replacing the chip loader and shutting the vent a bit, and we went back to producing TBS.  Come to find out the element had caused the AMNPS to light from the opposite side, so it was smoking from both ends.  Next time I'll place the lit end next to the element or just put the AMNPS on the bottom rack. 

    Off to the store to pick up some ingredients for tonight's sides...
  6. Dang that looks good! Next time you need a pan of Dutch's Wicked Beans underneath those butts catching those tasty drippings!
  7. Hey yeah that's a good idea.  I do have a drip pan under, and I usually put the butts in the pan after several hours then foil so the drippings go back into the meat.  Will have to try the beans some time.
  8. Was so busy last night with dinner and the family coming over that I didn't have a chance to post.  Pulled pork was a hit with many requesting to take home leftovers.  Some pics of the finished product.

    Juices - I separate and remove most of the oil/fat and some goes back into the pulled pork

    Pulled - with and without the flash

    It was sooooo tasty!
  9. bdskelly

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    Whoo chee momma that looks great! B

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