DIY Hydro Sausage Stuffer

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    I saw the Dakota stuffer and like many others said to myself " I could make that myself " So I did! Even with the clear pvc at $25 a foot It was still cheaper than one you could buy. We have been using our kitchen Aid stand mixer to do all the grinding and stuffing but It takes forever to stuff sausage like that. Im not sure how much this will hold but all I need it to do is 10-15lbs. at the most. If you have any questions about the build process let me know.

    4" x 24'' long clear SCH 40 pvc

    simple "Y" fitting for the back end.

    Piston is shaped to prevent wasted meat left in the stuffer and to keep the piston from over extending.

    I used this circle cutter to cut the 1/2" Polly cutting board for the stand and piston. This tool is a must!

    A chisel mounted In my vise to fine tune the piston shape

    My jig for cutting the O-ring groove

    Very little meat is left!
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    Very cool and creative!
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    Very nice build!! Like Brooksy said realy creative!!
    Keep Smokin!!!
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