Dem Crazy Norwegians

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    Ole, Sven and Lars had been going to the Sons of Norway hall meeting as long as there had been a hall.

    Every month they had an attendance drawing.

    And every month, wouldn't ya know it, they didn't win a prize in the prize drawing, that is until a meeting when all three won in the same night.

    Sven was the first to get his name drawn. He won two pounds of spaghetti sauce, 4 boxes of noodles and three pounds of Swedish meatballs.

    Ole had his name drawn next. He got himself round-trip tickets to  
    Duluth , a night's stay in the Dew Drop Inn and a pair of tickets to see the Inger Triplets Polka Ensemble. Ole thought he had died and gone to heaven.

    Lars was the last to be drawn and he won a toilet brush.

    At the next monthly meeting they sat down together to check out how they had fared for the past month.

    Sven said "Uff-da I had dat pasghetti for tree days. It vas so good, Helga didn't have to buy any food for dem deare tree days."

    Ole said "  Lena was so happy vhen I brought home dem tickets. The trip up to Duluth vas nice, ve got to ride da Greyhound and ya know, dey got a built-in outhouse on dat dere bus. And dose Inger Triplets - if I didn't know better, I would swear dae were sisters.

    Then Ole turned to Lars and asked him how his prize worked out. Lars looked at them both and said,

    "Vell , dat dere toilet brush is nice, but I tink I'll go back to using paper."
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    That ain't right.
  3. [​IMG]Nice!!

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