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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by tstew40, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Help me out here. How do you get chicken or turkey skin crisp in an electric smoker?  Is there a secret? 
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    It takes heat to get crispy skin on poultry.  Electric smokers normally will not reach the temperatures required to do this (350+°).  There are tricks to get the skin edible, but not what most would consider crisp.  Recommend  smoking to desired taste then finish in a oven or closed grill.

     Example:  I smoked a 40° 12 lb. dry brined turkey for 40 minutes in a Cookshack 066 using 2 ounces of alder chunks.  Smoke intensity was medium and the color was white.  After smoking, the turkey was spatchcocked and placed in a 450° oven for 80 minutes (breast and thigh 165°).  Results were a crispy skin and juicy meat throughout with a mild smoke flavor, very tasty and well liked.

    Think of using your smoker as one step when producing a finished product and you will have many more options than if you only use it to cook a product from start to finish.

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    Thank you , Mr.T . a very good method... [​IMG].

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