Couple brisky questions before I dive in

Discussion in 'Beef' started by patg, May 5, 2016.

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    Alright so I have been doing my homework, yet still have that overbearing fear of a total failure. Happened upon a 16 lb choice packer. Plan on smoking for my son's 1st bday on party on Saturday. I have the 40 " Masterbuilt gasser with no mods other than a needle valve. So here we go. Thinking of using Mesquite chunks, but not sure if that is too strong of a smoke flavor for a party? Second just doing some half and half salt and pepper a little brown sugar and dried onion flakes yay or neigh? I know to probe and time isn't a constant, but any ideas when I should stick this thing on. The party is at 2 on Saturday so need it done by 10 a for rest time and burnt end time. I guess this has been my unicorn if you will. Pro no problem, chicken eh not too shabby. But this has eluded me
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    First read this:

    Depending on pit temp figure on 1 1/2-2 hours per pound then another hour for rest.

    Mesquite may be over powering for guests. Try cherry or hickory or oak or a mix.

    For seasonings, especially when serving to guests I like to keep it simple. SPOG salt, pepper, onion, garlic.

    A good tested multi probe digital therm will be your best friend with a cook like this. If you don't have one go buy one now. Or a bunch of hot dogs and buns.
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  3. patg

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    I can usually hold a temp between 275-300 for some reason it gets real hard to hold a lower temp. Still fine tuning the valve. Looks like I will be picking up hickory chunks, I figured as much on that just thought I'd ask. For your measurements for spog? I have probes, and plan on recheck in them tomorrow before the smoke.
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    The key to good juicy brisket is low and slow . So get it as low as you can. If I were you I would def start the afternoon before. 16 lbs is going to take quite a while. I have come to really enjoy smoking with pecan. It isn't overpowering. Good luck and enjoy
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  5. patg

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    I planned as early tomorrow as I can. I really appreciate the feed back. My first attempt wasn't horrible but I rushed it. So now I am calling in the calvary of experts to help me nail this.
  6. Good luck on the smoke Pat  [​IMG]
  7. patg

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    Thanks a little patience, some good beer and even better music should lead to a great result
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    If brisket has been a struggle for you in the past doing a 16lb brisket for a party and guests may not be the best idea. You will feel rushed to meet a drop dead eat time and the brisket may or may not cooperate. If you serve it before it's ready it's going to be  tough and a disappointment to you and your guests. If you let it go until it's ready your guests may be sneaking off to Mac and Don's that's just how briskets roll they have a mind of their own.  Might be a good idea to have some wings and thighs as a back up plan or some other easy and quick to prepare meat.

    Doing it the day before when you don't have the guests waiting to be fed may be the best idea. Reheat it for the party and relieve yourself of the pressure.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    Yea I recommend doing it the day before. then put in a foil for the flat and put a little beef broth on the reheat and it will keep it moist. Slice across the grain. I like to make a small slice out fo the meat angled away from the grain before cooking so you can determine easier which way the grain is going on the flat  because its hard to tell when its done.

    as an aside im not a huge fan of sugar on my beef or if i do some i do very little beef brisket is a savory piece of meat. use about half the chunks you think you need and you have a better smoke flavor. remember you don't want heavy smoke and you want the thinnest blue smoke you can get. Dont worry about making the perfect brisket just settle in and make as good eats as you can. the adults will love it regardless and the kids would love McDonalds anyways..

    Good Luck,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  11. stickyfingers

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    If this is your first brisket or if you have had some trouble with brisket.....and you are severing others....I would suggest wrapping it after 4 hours. Then taking it to 200, resting 2 hours. Should be good with your higher temps to ensure a juicy brisket. 

    Hickory or oak

    agree with the SPOG
  12. patg

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    Not my first brisket. This is my 3 rd. My first ever smoke was a small flat that I just rushed, my second was a corned beef which was awesome. This is my first packer. She is in the smoker. Been in almost 7 hours holding around 300 and an it of 165 in the flat and 170 in the point. Not quite sure how that happened other than a higher fat content. Not wrapped and not adding any more hickory or cherry chunks just in it for the haul now. Did last time I checked had a big temp spike but adjusted and dumped heat. Nothing but spg and onion flake for flavor. Been stalled for a bit, but what you think wrap or not to wrap? And best prep and easy burnt end recipe?
  13. patg

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    Well I just pulled her off. Just about 14 hrs. Held steady around 300-315. Separated the flat from the point and have the flat in the towel in the cooler for about an hour now. The point has been cubed the best I could( the meat just fell apart in some spots) and back in with sauce little more rub and minced onion for burnt ends. How long can that baby sit in the cooler. The party is at 2.
  14. lancep

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    Should be able to hold for a good 3-4 hrs and I know some folks that have gone up to 6. What was the IT coming off?
  15. patg

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    Ok. So the verdict. I cannot thank you guys enough for your input and help. I conquered the unicorn atleast for this attempt. I started the brisky at 330 Friday afternoon my appx weight around 14 lbs ( no scale :( ) smoked all night and pulled at an it of 205 on flat and just about 200 in point. That was at 7 am. Seperated and cooler the flat chopped up point and burnt ends went back in. Pulled ends around 10ish. Lidded the ends packed in the cooler and off to party prep at 11. Heated and eaten at 330 saturday. It was awesome, a little tweak here or there but other than that it was a huge hit and now told a staple for parties with my pork. Q view
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    How do I post pictures? Won't pull them up here
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    Looks awesome!!

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