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Discussion in 'Beef' started by fbi van outside, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. So I'm smoking a corn beef brisket and beer can chicken today. The brisket is for a work potluck tomorrow and the chicken is for my familia tonight. Started the brisket 0600AM this morning. I'm going to slice the meat thinly using it for pastrami samiches tomorrow. A co-worker of mine is bringing in rolls and making a vinegar based coleslaw for the pastrami samiches.

    This is my 3rd corn beef brisket; basically following Jeff Philips recipe from his news letter. The only differences are I use yellow mustard instead of olive oil, no water in the pan, and I smoke it fat side up. This is based on personal preference and my own experience.

    1st time I smoked the corn beef brisket I accidentally used yellow mustard instead of the olive oil. It turned out great. 2nd time I used the olive oil and I felt the rub did not penetrate the meat enough. It was missing some flavor so I'm back to using the mustard.

    Also, I finally got the AMNPS and I love it! Works really well. I made the newbie mistake of forgetting to remove the wood/chip loader which caused the pellets to keep dying; not enough air flow. When I finally removed the cylindrical loader problem was solved!

    Using cherry wood, 240 temp, Jeff's dry rub plus a little commercial rub and the brisket's own small spice pack.

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    AM means morning. Anti Meridian,before noon. Sorry,I know this is not geranium to your post.
  3. Too funny! [​IMG]
  4. Here's the final product. Came out terrific! We won't eat corn beef brisket any other way:

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    That looks great! How long was the smoke?
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    Great looking brisket! nice job. Thanks for posting, David.
  7. Started at 6AM this morning and removed it about 2:30PM; internal temp was 160 which is where we like it. Read you can go high as 190 which I did 2nd time but it kinda came out like pulled pork.

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