Cleaning the Smoker - crazy approach but just a helpful tip (I hope)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by michaelt1959, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. michaelt1959

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    Y'all are gonna' think I'm crazy but I (finally) decided to expedite the clean up process on my smoker (Brinkman Vertical, no mods (yet), but ordered a mod kit today 'cause she's showing her age).  It's a cheesy newbie piece of equipment, but thus far is has served me well in more ways than one. Not yet quite ready to upgrade, but anyway ......

    Getting tired of the tub-wash of grates, scrub, dishwasher, and propane torch/wire brush approach to getting everything inside spiffed up,  this past weekend we did 25 lbs of brisket, beans, corn, etc.  ... the usual stuff. I took one quick look at my equipment the next morning (after NO sleep) and said to my not so sober self "there's gotta' be a better way!!".

    So .... long story short I bought myself an early XMAS present for $49.99 at my local big-box home improvement store that begins with an "L" which is an attachment to a standard propane tank call "the Inferno". 

    Holy crap!!! I  LOVE this damn thing.  10 minutes after firing this sucker up my grates looked like new, the walls and interior door of my smoker were like new, and all I had was a little VERY dry burned residue laying at the base of the smoker which was eliminated in 2 minutes with a little dry vac.

    I then took a yard-sprayer filled with peanut oil and water ( 2/3 - 1/3 mix) and sprayed the walls and interior door rather heavily. I heated her up to 300 and let her run till she burned out. Long story short, she looks like new, but still has that "hung up wet" aroma, which I enjoy.

    I would not recommend this after every smoke, but perhaps once per month (?), depending on use.

    Just a tip .. hope it helps. Not for everyone, I realize.

    P.S.   Please be cautious with how you use The Inferno attachment.  It can do some damage if not used properly and at heat levels appropriate for your equipment.  Protect your hands, by the way, with some heat resistance gloves.
  2. :worthless
  3. demosthenes9

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    Pretty sure it's a weed burner.

  4. Ah-ha! Makes sense now.
  5. michaelt1959

    michaelt1959 Fire Starter

    Yeppers ..... a weed burner which I have come to understand has a lot of "useful uses".  Sorry about the "no pics" thing.  Just can't seem to get a good pic after dark. But, if you want a quick clean up, the darn thing does the trick ..... :)
  6. delbbq

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       They work great for burning weeds too..!!  [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. golfpro2301

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    They make the world of difference for large smokers. I use it to preheat my vault and clean the grates. I never fire up my smoker without using it. Saves you alot on charcoal usage at the beginning.
  8. delbbq

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        Kinda wanted one so looked on Kijiji last night..homemade cart and cool down tray,starter,

    new tank 90% full and torch with .5 hrs on it...$60 U.S.....[​IMG]
  9. michaelt1959

    michaelt1959 Fire Starter

    Good find ....... [​IMG]
  10. mummel

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    Where are the pics of the cleaned smoker????????
  11. michaelt1959

    michaelt1959 Fire Starter

    Yeah ... I know. My phone doesn't do well in the dark - and that is the when I finished the cleaning.

    I am currently in the middle of doing some mods which I would like to solicit for input and I will get some better pics then.  Should be done with them on Saturday.

    More to come ....

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