Chunks, Chips, Pellets, Dust?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yankswinagain, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Newbie here...

    I have a Landmann 3895GWLA Two Drawer smoker (with a smoke box) - propane.

    I know I can use chips in the smoke box, but can I use anything else?  Do I need a special box for pellets?  Thanks for any help.
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    I don't know what your chip box is like, but you can smoke either chips or chunks in the smoker.  An easy mod that many owners of gas smokers have done (including me) is to trade out the stock chip box for something bigger and more substantial.  I once used an 8 inch iron skillet in my GOSM.  Best advice is to buy an amazen tube smoker from A-Maze-N products (this is the best way to smoke pellets in that gasser).  They work great in gas rigs and will make perfect thin blue smoke for hours without reloading.

  3. should you mix chips with chunks or is one better than the other
  4. It is a fairly substantial cast iron box (with sep lid).  See about mid-way down the parts list via the following link.

    There's a rack it sits on top of (part of a sep drawer so you can swap out wood when needed and not open the main door).

    I was just thinking I could use more substantial wood chunks and not go through it quickly or not purchase another item.
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    Using chunks instead of chips will definitely lessen how often you'd have to reload. 2 or 3 chunks in your box should smoke for maybe an hour, give or take. I'd say give it a try and see how much difference it makes.

  6. seenred

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    You can, there's nothing wrong with mixing...just know that the chips are gonna burn up faster than the larger chunks.


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