Chateaubriand & Swordfish!

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  1. Happy Father's Day to all!

    While I'm of the assumption that my next DOGS shall join me in some ten years out, (and thus I appreciate and adore the three canine companion cuties that I currently do have), I'm always conjuring up fantastic dog names regardless, and have thus named my next deuce or "set" (to be boys from the same litter and as my only dogs at that particualre time) and as "Chateaubriand" and "Swordfish."

    I know, I know, and yet I get so damn passionate about food, wine, life, dogs, and so forth, that I have them NAMED even and a near decade in advance!

    So be it.

    That aside, and happy things on the mind, I did SMOKE some turf and GRILL some surf and it was tremendous!

    The Australian grass fed tenderloin did smoke on my little gas smoker for only 4 minutes, at about 300. I let it rest and then sliced and it was PURRRRRRRRRRFECT! (I can actually spell, but think the "purr" should go into that particular word.

    I love a marinated mushroom albet with RAW mushrooms and not cooked. Something about the raw texture in the vinegar and all, makes it so good, and then I suppose too, that I am not cooking out all of the vitamins and minerals and such. Regardless, these are REALLY GOOD!

    The swordfish was grilled on a hot fire for 5 minutes a side and was delicious!

    I also made brown rice with radish greens in it,

    And a spinach and tomato salad,

    And the whole plate (I serve everything on one plate every day) had Tunisian olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, and blue Persian salt and then chopped scallions all over it and it was a treat!

    So soft - from mushrooms to fish to meat to all! And I LOVE rice (except for white rice) but love brown, red, green, black and so forth, and so the simple brown rice with radish greens in it was fantastic as well!

    OK then, to smoking, and grilling, and cooking, and chilling; here's wishing everyone a VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY indeed!

    Cheers and thanks for sharing in my day! - Leah

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