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    Hey guys,

    After a few good years I am looking to get rid of my refrigerator. I am looking to replace it with a BBQ Vault or a Myron Mixon 60" to use in competitions. I have loved this thing and have won many awards with it but want something different. Let me know if you are interested. I live in Jacksonville, FL

    -insulated firebox

    -insulated fridge-welded in water pan

    -4 slide out racks

    -can seal up firebox inlet and use as electric

    -5* difference from top to bottom

    *I do have a large competition coming up at the end of november. If I can get rid of it quick I can get a new smoker here in time. If not I will not be able to sell it till the week of thanksgiving*

  2. ericf517

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    That thing is beautiful.  Any good pictures of how you built the fridge?  I have an old GE at my parents place that is broke now.  Would love you have a set up like yours.
  3. golfpro2301

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    I had a lot but on old phone that I dont have any more. I decided to keep the fridge and do a complete rebuild. The firebox will now be inside. the door will be split in two. I am doing auto water refill. drain. plus guru valves. It is going to be one sick fridge once I get the paint job on it.

    Take that GE and make you a smoker that will last for years and you can be proud of. One thing with fridges is the design possibilities are endless. I am actually in talks with a fab guy in starting a company and making antique fridge smokers as a business. One thing I would recommend is draw out your entire plan on paper. Measurements, number of racks, etc. I am going thru my 5td rebuild. I went cheap the first time and did electric which was very nice. I then converted to charcoal using cheap products and that worked for about 6 months. Then I went to the design you see in the pictures above. This one I am doing now will be my last and if I would have done it this way the first time it would have saved me a couple of grand. I would put as much into it as you want and dont cut anything out. You will regret it later. 
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    Thanks man.  I have been kicking around the idea of the fridge, or building a temp smoke house, and buying a vertical Brinkmann as a temporary.  I do know I want to run a wood burner since I hate paying bills, whether it is propane refills, or electric bills.  
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    If you want to run wood burner put the firebox on the outside like I have above. That setup is a stick burner. If you burn wood on the inside it will get too hot and be tough to keep temps down IMO. Doing this will give you more space but I would recommend welding in a water pan directly above where the firebox enters. This is what I did and the temps remained even throughout the whole cooker. Where do you live. I no longer need that firebox. It is 3/16" double walled with 1" insulation in between. Happy to sell it to you for very cheap.
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    I live in Mid Michigan now, just moved back here from NE.
  7. I know You....
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    I know you too!

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