Char-Griller 2727 Cover

Discussion in 'CharGriller Owners Group' started by kevina12, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Welcome to the group Kevin. Post a picture of the pit and I'll put it up on the group homepage.
  3. fpmich

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    Welcome KevinA12.

    I bought a generic cover from Home Depot I think it was for about, 25-30 dollars.  It's not form fitting, but it keeps the weather off when not cooking.
  4. kevina12

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    Thanks Cliffcarter!  I'll get a picture posted this evening.

    Fpmich - checkout the link to Amazon for the 5555 model, it actually fits nicely.  The hole for the smoke stack is a good fit and its large enough to accommodate the firewood box attachment.  Currently, I don't have the firewood box attachment and the cover is slightly large but still provides good coverage.
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  5. kevina12

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    My Current Setup.

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