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  1. I`m thinking about purchasing a ceramic grill. I have heard great things about them especially The Big Green Egg. Is there another Ceramic grill that works just as good as the BGE but is not as expensive? I`m not cheap but not sure if I want to spend as much as the BGE are going for. Thanks, Newbie from Harlem ga.[​IMG]
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    Well, there's always this!


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    Primo makes a ceramic cooker similar to BGE at a lower price (i believe), but I have never cooked on one to compare the two ... I can't imagine there'd be that much difference. Kamado makes a ceramic cooker that can cost alot more than the BGE. I have two eggs and cant find much to complain about. I had heard good things about them long before I bought one, it wasnt untill I saw them being used that I realized it was something that I wanted to cook with ... I very well may had bought a Primo if that was the brand I saw being used ... either way, I'd ask a dealer if they had any demonstration cooks planned, and see what they are all about. See one in action first to see if it is what you want ... look for an Eggfest at a local BGE dealer if you want to see a bunch of BGE's being used at the same time cooking many different types of food. Keep us posted on what you do ...
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    Me like it!

    That looks cool!
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    Kaisers is about 30 bucks and the egg is 900. The egg is better butt the end product is about the same.
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    Kaiser has a way to go. I saw a guy once a few years back that took 1ST place in ribs doing this. Its something I have been thinking about the last year. But I already have one electric and not sure if I want another. Not sure how well they would do with charcoal or lump which is what I prefer to use.

    That guy on PrimalGrill on PBS definitely likes his green egg.

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