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  1. Hey all,

    Names Matt and I am located in Bloomington/Normal Illinois. I have been into barbecue since I was young, and in the past few years have taken my skills to another level. I am a current team member of the MBN competition team Smoked Meat Militia based out of Bloomington as well as Jacksonville Florida where the other half of our team lives and competes out of. I have recently gotten into pit building and am in the process of planning a grilling and barbecue supply store locally that will offer tools, supplies and custom pit building. I currently play around on a GMG pellet smoker and have 3 large smokers in the works. All three are 275 gallon in size, 2 of which are oval waste oil tanks and one is a cylinder water tank that is 1/4" thick. Always have enjoyed the site and finally posted up my newb thread. If y'all ever run through central Illinois I have extra bedrooms and barbecue to share so feel free to swing through.

  2. Hey Matt, I'm on the way. hello and welcome from East Texas. I sure would like to some pictures sounds like some nice builds.

    Gary S

  3. Quick sausage smoking set up on my pellet smoker from last week. I'll have to snap some pictures of the big tanks next time I work on them.

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