Can I go to sleep?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matt r, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. This may be an obviously stupid question, but here goes...I have a Masterbuilt Electric. I hear quite a lot about LOOOOONGGG cooking times for Briskets and Pork Shoulders, sometimes 12-14 hours at 220. The thing is, can i go to sleep and have the smoker run all night long? Is it safe?[​IMG]
  2. Hello Matt.  I wouldn't leave your smoker for that long unattended until you KNOW how that smoker will perform with that particular cut of meat.  Once you are really sure then catching some sleep should be no problem.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Matt, if you've got the AMNPS or AMNTS and have used and understand how they operate in your smoker, then go to bed and enjoy some sleep.

    If you have no aux smoker attachment and are relying on the smoker's chip tray for adding smoke, then grab a cold one (maybe a few?) cause it's gonna be a long night. The chip tray needs to be reloaded every 1 or so (sometimes less) or there will be no more smoke.
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    I agree with what's been said above, except that I would never go to sleep with any smoker going, unless it is somewhere that if it goes up in flames, nothing else goes with it. It is very very rare, but I know of one MES that had the door go up in flames.

    That would not be good if that happened to mine, on my front porch, while I was sleeping!!!!

  5. Ok thanks guys. No sleep till the smoke clears!

    I guess theres worse reasons to stay up all night...
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    Yeah , Mattr , you miss out on all the fun of friends sharing your time and company , and the peace and tranquility of the night...[​IMG]

    I love the long ones...

    have a blast visiting with my Buddies.

    Have fun and . . .
  7. Man, that looks good...
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    Matt, it can be done, but you will need 2 things.

    One, as was mentioned above, a AMNPS to provide continuous smoke. And two, a Maverick or other remote thermometer that can be programmed to set off the alarm if the temp goes too low or too high. Also, one that has a duel probe so you know when your meat is done is great, too. I tend to wake up a few times a night anyway, so I just peek at the display to see how things are going. It's great to finally be able to do an overnight cook and sleep as well.

    But as Bear mentioned, put it someplace where it won't catch anything else on fire if it goes.
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    +1 on the Maverick.

    My first smoke on 2 9lb butts started at 8PM, around midnight I had things stabilized to the point I felt safe nodding off, knowing the Maverick would wake me up if temps went too high or too low, or if the smoker caught fire! 18 hours later we had yummy pulled pork.

    Someone here mentioned the "Water method" as well, drink a lot of water before nodding off, wake up to empty the bladder and check the smoker, drink more water, wake up etc etc.....
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    LOL----That someone must have been younger that I am.

    I can get up twice a night without drinking any extra water.[​IMG]

    Also: Depending on what part of the smoker started on fire, I'm not so sure the Maverick would tell you before the fire would spread, depending on where you have it.

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  11. jarjarchef

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    Without a remote thermometer with alarms and an AMNPS, I would not sleep.
  12. eman

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    I put on butts in my MES using the AMNPS for smoke (10 hrs on one fill.) at 6pm at 235 degrees , i go to bed and sleep till 6-7 am.

    Get up and check to see if the bone pulls out clean? If not i let it go checking every hour till the bone pulls out of the butt easily. No thermos ,no foil , no problems .

      Grab the butt w/ my meat gloves and put in on tray w/ foil to wrap butt. 2 hrs later i open foil and pull my pork.  Smoking is not near as hard as some make it out to be.

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