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  1. gomez93

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    Not long ago I bought a #8 1/2hp Cabela's grinder and it works great. This past weekend I tried it as a stuffer.
    Now I know what you all say, but I had to try it. I was stuffing ground meat into 19mm collagen casings using the smaller tube and the speed auger. It does work. It took a while to get the hang of things but in the end I was stuffing at the rate of 5 minutes per pound of meat. Now I don't know how that compares to a dedicated stuffer, but I didn't think it was too bad.
    Clean up was a different story. There was a LOT of meat still in the machine, I did do the bread trick but should have used about half a loaf instead of just one slice.
  2. woodcutter

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    If you make sausage a few times and get addicted you will end up with a stuffer. Making sausage is an equipment intensive
  3. foamheart

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    But the homemade rewards are sooooo good!
  4. boykjo

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    Use the end pieces of the bread. The bread in the middle is too soft and could get impacted and damage the grinder.......
  5. And make sure that the bread you use is oven-dried.

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