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  1. I have heard that some increase the temperature after the stall from 225 or thereabouts to around 300 plus.

    Is there an advantage to the increased temp or is it bs?

  2. crankybuzzard

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    Some will bump up the temp of the pit in order to push the meat through the stall.  It doesn't do much more than make it finish faster, and possibly help it to bark up a bit.
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    I would just start out at 270-280 & you get it done quicker, most times without any stall at all.

  4. cksteele

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    the lower the pit temp the worse the stall is going to be. so if you want to avoid it as much as you can just cook at a higher temp wont hurt the meat 
  5. jcbigler

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    Yes. The advantage is that it cooks faster.

    I just did a brisket last weekend that started out at 12.75lbs. Trimmed maybe a pound and a half of fat off. Cooked in the 275 ish range.

    It was was done at the 8 1/2 hour mark. A couple hours faster than expected. Once it hit 203 IT I backed the cooker temp down to to between 180-200 just to use it as a warmer for the next 2 hours. Then pulled it out and let it reest for about an hour and a half. It was about 170 degrees still when I cut it and it was the perfect tenderness, not fall apart and not tough at all. Still moist and juicy.
  6. schlotz

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    JC, did you wrap or go nakie?
  7. Without getting too complex in the details, I have to start it out at a low temp as it is not attended for many hours so I am not in a position to raise the temperature to a quick cook in the beginning stages.
  8. jcbigler

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    Wrapped in butcher paper at the 6 hour mark. Temps were ~171.
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    Hey guys newbie to smoking here I have placed a 4lb brisket in my Masterbuilt propane smoker after about an hour the temperature spiked to 300 and had to adjust the knob,I'm trying to keep ot steady to 250 is that the right temperature?
  10. When the IT reaches 190 degrees it's done. 250 degree smoker temp will work fine
  11. schlotz

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    Brisket is done when it gets done. Many use the probe method i.e. its insertion force should be similar to that of a knife going into soft butter.  
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