Brisket/Pork Picnic

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  1. Smoking a brisket and a picnic on 2 separate Brinkmann Smoke N grills non moded, did drill holes in charcoal pan, need advice on keeping temps at 225 on a stock Brinkmann, not enough time for doing mods, and need a translation of what 225 would be on the Brinkmanns gague, and best way to keep it there for best results. Please help asap
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    You will need a cabled therm to monitor temps at cooking grate level to know the real temp. Stock gauges are not accurate and you will not know the real temp....

    There are numerous Brinkmann Smoke N grills and they are all different.... ?????
  4. they are both the newer version smoken n grill charcoal smokers, that's the problem I'm at, I just want an good experienced guess on the thermometer on the Brinkmanns, where would a safe bet be to smoke at, even though the gague and the grate level would read different
  5. and also I gotta have food ready by 5pm California time tomorrow, so that's why I can't do the mods ppl talk about or get a more accurate thermometer cuz I'm under he gun lol any advice would help and any advice on any difference there may be between smoking a butt and a picnic
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    Go to Wal Mart and get a therm.... put the meat in tonight at about 200 deg. F..... check the meat temp tomorrow morning.... when it gets to 185 ish.put a tootpick in the meat to see how tender it is.... It should be done around 2 PM.... wrap in foil and a towel or 2 until dinner...
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