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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by rich-, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. I have a used Brinkman Pitmaster  Barbque that my son in law gave up. It does not have the end fire box. I am in the process of building a fire box for the end so I will end up with a cross flow smoker.

    The unit has a intake hole with a baffle for closing or opening for air control when using the unit for barbqueing in its original design.

    Here is my question, with the addition of the end fire box which is 16" square and the heat will be below this opening do I need to have an adjustable air control between the fire box and the cook chamber?

    I plan to have an adjustable air intake for the fire box.

    This is what I started with

    This is my project in process
  2. Here is a progress picture

  3. daveomak

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    Rich, morning.....  Looks good so far....   So you are planning the exhaust on the opposite side of the CC from the FB.... Is that right ??   Take a pic of the inside of the CC so I can see the opening between the FB and CC.....  Then I assume you will add tuning plates in the CC...

    About the adjustable air inlets to the FB....   I would put them on the end of the FB  .....  One or two below the wood grate and a small one above the wood grate...    

    Also, what are the dimensions of the CC.... diameter, length...   I will help figure out the size of inlets, exhaust stack etc....    Dave 

    Here's an example....  but put the inlets above and below each other..... 

  4. Dave, morning again and thank you for your reply, Here is more info on my side box mod.

    The cook chamber is 34" long X 16" in diameter, The existing hole that can be seen in the photo at the end of cook chamber is 5 1/2" at wide side and is 3" top to bottom.

    There is an existing smoke stack vent on the opposite end from my fire box, It is 3" in diameter and stands 17" above the top of the cook chamber.

    From the bottom of my fire box to the bottom of the existing hole into the cook chamber is 10 1/2"

    This Brinkman was originally designed to come with or without a firebox, My son in law bought it without and he only used it for a barbecue, My thought is that the hole in the end of the cc was meant for a intake vent if used solely as a barbecue and a opening if there had been a fire box bought with the unit.

    Here are some pictures of the whole thing.

    view inside cc facing FB

    FB to CC view

    view of the whole thing

    This is the damper thing that was on the end of the CC, If not needed there, I will use it for an air inlet on the fire box and cut respective holes.

    Thanks again, Rich-
  5. daveomak

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    O KEE DO KEE...... Be back later with some info.......    Dave
  6. Dave, I forgot to mention I do plan to use my mailbox mod with this unit so will be cutting a 3" hole in the FB and connecting the mailbox mod with the amazn smoke generator. I will be sure to tup this hole and connection above the fire grate
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    Rich, afternoon....  I'm baaaaaack....   had to get some beef at Safeway...  Round Tips and Chucks for 2.49.....  Got the Tips in the smoker... gonna slice 'em for sammies... all 4 roasts....   Yummmmmmy....   

    Anyway.....  Here's what I'd do....   open the FB to CC hole up with an angle grinder or plasma to 3 1/4 above the bottom of the CC....  You can leave some metal around the curved part to bolt the FB to...  and leave the same on the FB for the bolts..    gasket between the FB and CC to stop air leaks....  The metal you leave can be "tabs" 1" x 1" or so....  leave 2 or 3 tabs, cut out the rest...  Now the FB/CC opening will breathe really well...    Match the opening on the FB... tabs and all...   

    Now for the Tuning Plates....     the AB length is from the circle calculator....  If you make the Tuning plates 14" long and 3" wide and 3/16" thick, you can buy mild steel flat bar from a metal supplier in your town...  Set the flat bar in the smoker...  It will, or should sit about 4 1/4" above the bottom of the smoker....   1st plate goes tight against the FB end of the CC... spacing starts out narrow.. 1/16 or so then widens out as you lay them toward the stack end of the CC...    You will have to check the temps on the cooking grate... use a pack of pop open biscuits..  see where more or less heat is needed and open the gaps accordingly...  the wider the gap, the more heat rises to the cooking grate...   The stack measures just fine...  You do not need to extend the stack to the cooking grate as on a smoker with tuning plates, there is adequate heat/air/smoke flow through the openings in the tuning plates...

    If you use the pie vent for the CC, I would install it with the openings horizontal...  side by side like a bow tie....    just below the fire grate...  that vent will control the intensity of the fire...   then another air inlet vent above the fire directly across from the FB/CC opening...  That inlet will adjust the amount of heat etc. you will move from the FB to the CC...  It also will add additional air, if needed, to cool the CC...   

    There will be a learning curve figuring out the best position for the inlets... but it's worth it for the control and reduction in fuel used....

    The lower inlet says 7 sq. in. but don't worry about it... your pie vent will adjust just fine....    For the upper air inlet, I would make it about 3 sq. in.     a 3" x 1" slot with a slide gate or something similar directly across from the FB/cc opening....  You can have some lengths of rebar cut to set across, in the CC for the food racks to sit on...   or bolt some angle iron in the CC for the racks to sit on...   Well I think I covered it all..... Let me know where I screwed up so I can fix it....   Take your time and triple check all my stuff to make sure it does what it says it will...  

    If you want 10 tuning plates will fit nicely...   Make sure they are all cut exactly the same length so they fit on the same plane inside the smoker.... on pic to enlarge......

    For the AMNPS.....   I would think about connecting a length of 1" conduit to the mailbox using those thread nuts.... and inserting the conduit into the bottom of the CC near but not too close to the FB so the smoke entered the CC near the FB so smoke goes everywhere....  A 3" hole may be too much ... The natural draw from the CC "should" suck enough to keep the AMNPS lit....   Maybe set the mailbox on the lower rack, conduit straight up into the CC...    OR, order the AMNTS from Todd....  call him and talk to him about your project...  Not sure what max temps are for the AMNPS and AMNTS....  the tube smoker may be perfect and you can set it on the food rack by the FB...  

    Are you sure you will need a smoke gen with the SFB and some hunks of flavor wood thrown in periodically ???    

    OK,  now I think I'm done...

  8. Good morning Dave, I may have answered this from my email page, but not sure if it gets to you from there.

    I'm sorry I didn't get this reply to you Yesterday, was just busy and the next thing I knew it was to late to do it. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out on the sizing of vents etc. I can work with steel with the best of them, but doing the math and calculations  is a bit out of my league.

    I am going to use your suggestions right to the tee, The only thing I will do different is I already have a 10 foot bar of 1/8" X 4" flat-bar that I will cut and use for tuning plates, Just trying to use existing materials and keep the cost of this project as low as possible.

    Once I get this project finished, I will post pictures and a report on how it cooks / smokes.

    Thanks again Dave, you are a wealth of knowledge: Rich-
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    That will work....  If you cut enough flat bar, put tuning plates from end to end  and just have the gaps for heat/smoke flow....  That way everything comes through the gaps and nothing goes around the end of the smoker...  Just an idea to force the heat through the gaps....  

    Maybe it will work.... maybe not...  that way it would be like a perforated plate...  

  10. Good Morning Dave,  sorry I just seen that it is a bit afternoon. I implemented all your suggestions to the tee except 1, You mentioned that I needed to put 2 holes and use the butterfly thing for air intake. i had already put that butterfly and the hole in my FB door and the way things fit there I was unable to do it as you suggested. I have my tuning plates in and have just done a test fire and that seems to be the cats meow, Works fine.

    I have found with a bit of trial and error that I need to ad some more air intake for the fire box, When I crack the FB door, my heat increases and from what i can see, I need more heat, I'm thinking of adding the added air intake to the fire box on the opposite side of the FB from the door and existing air intake.

    I also need and will make some door gskts both for the FB and the CC, I'm sure that will help a hell of a lot.

    I am attaching pictures from start to finish.

    Dave Thank You So Much for your help: I had no idea about tuning plates, fact is I read others post where tuning plates were mentioned and I had no idea what in the hell they were talking about until you told me about putting them in this project.

    While I was waiting for these pictures to upload, I went out and checked the smoker and by golly the CC temps were up in the low 290s. I am burning dry alder for this test run.

  11. daveomak

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    Rich, afternoon...... Glad stuff is working out.....   About the additional "below the fire grate" air inlet....   Add it to the end of FB, below where the upper air inlet is... same height as the inlet on the front of the smoker...     Then you won't have to walk around behind the smoker....
  12. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply, as soon as this thing cools down to handle, I will do just as you suggested.

    Maybe a dumb question, but in a smoker like this, Is the main fuel supply wood, or a combination of wood and briquettes?

    My other 2 smokers I have, 1 is a propane / electric I made out of an old food warmer, the other is a Home Depot bought brinkman upright propane one.  This one I am refurbishing is the first and only one that will burn wood or????.

    Is it proper to say this one is a stick burner offset smoker?

    Dave if you ever come to the coast and are anywhere near Ocean Shores, I would love to meet you and sit down to a beer or????.

    Thanks again for your help: Rich-
  13. daveomak

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    Rich, afternoon...... I would call that a stick burner...   You could supplement the wood with charcoal if you want....   If you choose to use sticks only, it might be best to pre burn larger  pieces, at least that's what I read most folks do....  In my wood burner, I build a huge fire... 6-8 big hunks and let it burn down to coal type stuff then continually add splits about 2-3" by 16-20".....   I get white smoke for a bit but what's a guy to do....   I don't have the wood on a support rack...  It sits on firebrick.... my FB ain't big enough...

    If you have wood, burn straight wood....  probably cheaper than charcoal anyway...

    We used to go to Copalis beach diggin' clams...  Stayed at the RV place that had Restaurant/Bar/Karoke.... Little hole-in-the-wall place... Had many great times there....  Gettin' too old to dig clams at 3 in the morning....  fighting the breakers..... sinking in the sand and hoping you don't drown....   But the clams were to die for....   [email protected] I love razor clams....  best clams there are...  

    Same goes you ever get tired of the rain, and cold damp wind driven humid air coming in off the Ocean.....  Omak is what's happening....[​IMG].... 

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