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  1. Hello all. I hate to be that new guy who asks the same ole questions that have already been answered, but there is so much great info on here I am slightly overwhelmed and a little confused. My buddy and I are going to have a three day bender we are calling Sausage Fest 2015 in just a couple weeks. We both bought smokers this past year and have done some smoking, and now we are ready to turn our venison into snack sticks, summer sausage, and brats. My friend has made snack sticks and summer sausage before, so we know what were are doing there. The question I have is about the brats. I would like to make them up and smoke them to get some of the smoke flavor in 'em before vacuum packing and freezing the brats for later use. My question is; can you do this? Do I need a cure in the mix?

    I have seen guys say to get the smoker up to 225 and get the internal temp up to 152-155 and take them out for an ice bath, or should we cold smoke them? We have the capabilities for both.  What would be the steps for this? Again, I am sorry for asking these noob questions, but frankly I get lost in the wealth of information floating around here and on other sites and it kind of makes my head swim.  Thanks all! Q views in a couple weeks!
  2. Brats can be fresh, cooked, or smoked.  

    If fresh simply grind, season, stuff, refrigerate, and/or freeze.  When ready to eat, grill them, blanch them in beer, etc. (think Johnsonville from the grocery).

    If you cook or smoke you need cure No 1.  

    IN the recipe I have it says: place in a cooker at 130*F for about an hour until cases are dry, then increase cooker temp to 165*F until the internal Brat temp is 152*F.  After internal temp is reached place in a cool shower until internal is reduced to 110*F.

    In your case, you are using venison.  I recommend you freeze it for a few days prior to using it to kill any pathogens.
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    Bama nailed it!

    Cure is your friend for low temp smoke or cook, freezing is your friend for pork and game meats prior to consumption unless cooked at a high temp when fresh.
  4. Ok guys. Thanks!

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