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  1. Needed to resupply my smoked food for my diet. I have lost over 105lbs so far. In at S4L when I weigh in and show them Q view they give me a hard time that I eat too good on this diet. Well they tell me what types and amount I can have. Is it my fault that my wife and I are inventive on how we cook it. They have gave me a hard time that I needed to bring in samples. So today I did them a sampler tray.
    Here is the Q view of the sampler.
    Top left is smoked chicken breast
    Bottom left is smoked chicken breast spaghetti with their tomato soup for sauce with seasoning added and yellow squash Julian cut for noodles. Very good.
    Top right slider burgers with Melba toast and seasoning blended in. Adding toast bulks up spice and makes it blend in better.
    ( wife adds stove top stuffing to the rest of the families. But that is not for me)
    Bottom right is smoked white fish with mrs dash on it.
    In total I smoked 120lbs today.
    33 lbs for a friend
    4 fatties wife loves them
    1 packer brisket
    2 pork butts 2 shoulders
    1 ribey roast
    3 boneless roast for kids. They eat breakfast at home before school so I slice the roasts
    Slap of ribs
    Country ribs
    2 pork loins
    My chicken breasts
    6 lbs of hamburgers
    Sorry was so busy staging all of this I only got the one photo.
    I wanted to do a photo smoke like Bear does. But it was not to be.
    It does get tricky to keep that many varieties of meat separate and not over something else.
    Some of the items that don't take very long to cook can keep trading out in one zone on my trailer smoker.
    Well I am beat so off to bed.
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      After that list, I gotta see a pic of your smoker! Surely that filled it up![​IMG]


  3. 2 racks and it was not all on at the same time.
    Did fish then changed out to chicken breasts. I have Bradley racks and stack them to get more on
    I also do the sized chicken breasts. Makes them right size for my diet.
    4 lbs roasts don't take to long to get to slicing temp. Have meat slicer and cut cross grain baloney thickness.
    Pork butts and packer were the only things on the full time.
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    Great job on the weight loss. I have lost 55 pounds myself. Smoked meat must be the secret! That is an awesome amount of food to smoke. My hats off to you.
  5. Congratulations on your weight loss

    Smoking adds flavor so you don't get tired of baked chicken. To keep the weight off it must become a life stile change you can and will live with. I know to many that have put the weight back on. Went out to eat with my father in law and he has put it back on but is eating like he use to also.

    Biggest thing is don't add all the salt and sugar when you smoke it. I have made my own BBQ sauce with info from here that is vinegar, tomato, and hot. I will do the brown sugar / normal BBQ for family / friends. But then I don't over do it. Like them to taste the meat.

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