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  1. Starting an all nighter.  Fired up the RF smoker at 9:30pm.  Brisket was put on at 10:45pm.  Temp in NW Georgia was at 35 degrees and snow flurries.  Smoker at 230 degrees and holding steady.

    Here is the 12 lb Brisket ready to go in the smoker.

    The fire is hot and ready!

    Those are a few snow flurries in the lights not bugs. 

    We will keep you up to date as the smoke continues.  Will be adding

    6 racks of ribs to the mix in the morning. 
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    Nice looking brisky. Stay warm and keep us posted!
  3. Morning Weedeater!

    I just place my 2 briskets on @ 5:22 (a 6# and a 12#). Got the AMNTS going with Hickory and Cherry, set temp at 225*, went back in, made a pot of coffee.... Now we wait! :Coffee:

    Got BBR's and ABT's going on later in the smoke!

    I'm gonna follow along this Tale of 2 (err, 3) Briskets!


    BTW, clear skies and a comforting 32* here!
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  4. Morning Goingcamping! 

    Weather is good here too.  32 degrees and partly cloudy with snow flurries from time to time.  My brisket is about an hour away from being finished up unless it stall out again.  Looks like she will be done in about 11 hours.  I foiled at 171 degrees so I could catch a few winks.  Just put on 6 racks of baby backs at 8:00am.  They should be ready for a 1:00pm lunch with the brisket.  Will post some more pics later.

    Now for that coffee.  Joe
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  5. Nice...I'm hoping my 12# only takes 11 hours...I, fortunately, don't have to babysit the wood, nor the heat, so far this thing has really predictable and the heat is consistent and well circulated (the fans actually circulate the smoke as well) I'll place a thermometer about hour 3 (on the #6).

    Happy smokin' Looking forward to pics...I mean 11 hours of smokin' and only a few pics? tsk, tsk!

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    Can't wait to see the finished product - looks like a good start even with the snow!

  7. Ribs went on about 8:00am this morning. forgot to take a pic early. They were foiled about 10:20am and should come out of the foil around 12:30 or so. I will try to remember to take a pic then. the Briskit is coming out in the next few minutes for a rest. Looks like it will finish up in about 13 and 1/2 hours. Here is a pick of it before getting foiled up and put in the cooler for a nap.

  8. QVIEW -  Her are some pics of the ribs.  They were very good!

    This is what is left over out of 6 racks of ribs.

    Here is some of the sliced up Brisket.  It was also very good. 

    Been a long day!  Ready to take a nap myself.  Getting too old for these all nighters but it was good and the smoker has far exceeded my expectations.  The temps stayed real constant throughout the night except for when I screwed up one time.  My fault not the smokers fault.  Used about 3/4 of a wheel barrel of split oak for a 15 plus hour smoke counting warm up time. 
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    Good looking Q, no one went away hungry from that spread.
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    Looks amazing!  [​IMG]

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    Man, the smoke ring looks amazing on that brisket! Nice job
  12. Man that looks fantastic.
  13. Thanks, Denny74 and Tacswa3 for the nice words.  It was a fun smoke.  Joe

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