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  1. Hello All,

    I'm looking for some reviews on your favorite brands of pellets.  I'd love to order some from amazenproducts, but unfortunately I live in AK and they want more in shipping than the pellets themselves cost.  I can get some other kinds off of Amazon (Traeger, Lumberjack, etc.), with free shipping and reasonable cost but don't want to waste $ on a crappy product.  I'll get the amaze n's if I have to but want some of your experienced opinions before I bite the bullet.  Thanks in advance.

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    I have used Todd's pellets, his pitmasters blend for cheese and like them a lot. And plan on getting some different flavor sin the future for sure! I would at least get one bag to compare to the others they are highly recommended here!
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    I order mine from Todd so I do t have any specific recommendations. I would recommend that you look for pellets that are 100% of the wood type not a base wood with a small amount of flavoring wood added. For instance, traegar apple pellets say 100% hard wood not 100% apple wood which means it is cut with something else.
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    Hi Ben.  How are you using cooking fuel for a pellet grill, or in a smoke generator such as the amazen tube or AMNPS?

    The reason I ask...if you are only burning them in a tube smoker or an AMNPS, a little goes long way.  In that case I'd be more inclined to recommend ordering from Todd at Amazenproducts.  Now if you are burning them in a pellet cooker, you need to order in bulk.  You can get a cheaper price, per pound, if you purchase in you'd save $$ on the shipping cost.  In that case, the Lumberjack pellets you mentioned are some of the best IMO.

  5. Thanks guys.  Bit the bullet and ordered them from Todd.  Turns out it was a good choice since they refunded me the originally charged shipping costs because of the free shipping offer they've got going on.  Will definitely do business with them again.  It's hard to find companies that will actually honor a "Free Shipping" promotion once the find out you live in Alaska.  Can't wait to try out his products at my pig roast in June.  Next step, build my custom La Caja China (Cajun Microwave).  I may post a different thread on that one since it's fairly slim on info gathering for the subject.

    Thanks Again
  6. I usually use CookingPellets Perfect Mix or Hickory for low and slow and in my AMNTS.  They are pure flavor woods, with no filler.  If I am cooking at high temperature I use whatever.  Currently, I am trying to go through all my Traeger pellets since they're mostly oak or alder(from before I knew any better).  

    The cooking pellets are ~$30 on amazon(for a 40lb bag), with free shipping, but they have a long delivery time.     
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    I have used Pellets from a few different suppliers the last pellets I used were from Southern BBQ Supply Company. I thought they were incredible on flavor, I used it for Boston Butt, Turkey and cold smoked some Gouda Cheese which was delicious, I ended up getting a Smokin' Wedgie they sell as well which made it easy for cold smoking.
    It seemed that they shipped pretty quickly too which was nice.
    I have only found them online not in stores
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