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  1. Was thinking about smoking some beef or buffalo, seasoned with high mountain seasoning and smoking. I have a jerky gun to make into strips or links. Any suggestions?
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    Hey Smokin,

    I copied this from another post. It's all I have on Jerky.
    Beef Jerky

    Marinade the beef for 36 hours and smoke at 150-170 for about 5 hours or until its as dry as I like it, I don't like it like leather.

    1.25 C Soy Sauce

    1/2 C Worcestershire

    1/3 C. Steak Sauce (A-1, L&P, Tabasco)

    1/4-1/2 C. Hot Sauce (HOT sauce, I mean HOT!) (*for the front burn)

    2 ts Kosher or Plain Salt

    1.5 ts Garlic Powder

    1 ts Onion Powder

    1 ts Garam Masala (mostly a mix of corriander, cumin, and cardamom)

    1/2 - 1 ts Cayenne pepper (*for the long burn)

    1 ts Black Pepper, freshly ground

    1/2 C. Brown Sugar

    1/8 C. Honey

    Adjust for taste, then add: 1 ts Tenderquick (CURE, for safety and saltiness)
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    Just remember Smokin that the recipe is not for ground jerky....mighty good for sliced jerky.
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    smokindummy, the jerky gun is for making jerky strips out of ground meat. Kind of hard to get into the smoker unless you shoot the strips out onto some kind of food grade screen, otherwise the strips will just fall apart. Chill the meat really well so that it firms up but doesn't freeze, then get a good sharp knife or a meat slicer and cut the meat against the grain* into 1/4 inch slices and add to your favorite jerky marinade for a minimum of 4 hours. Lay on rack or hang from racks in a 150 deg. smoker until dry (begin checking meat after a couple of hours). Meat should be dry to the touch and begins to split/crack when you fold a strip in half. If it snaps in half it is way over done.

    *if you want a chewier jerky slice the meat with the grain.

  5. Thanks for the pointers DUTCH, am going to try this next week
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    Don't forget the Qview will be looking forward to it [​IMG]
  7. I have been doing jerky for about 2 years now and love it. I have tried many recipes and some ended too salty, not salty enough, not sweet enough, etc. My recipe at the moment is not really a recipe at all. I buy a very Thick Teriyaki Sauce, I like to go with Teriyaki that has Pineapple or honey or what not. Find one you like then set your meat unsliced in the freezer for about an hour. This will partically freeze your meat (like Dutch mentioned) after an hour check your meat and see if its frozen enough to slice without the meat wobbling around, then slice to 1/4 inch strips. Depending on how much meat you have grab some freezer ziploc bags (the big ones) and pour about a 1/4 of the teriyaki sauce inside. One by one put your strips in the bag and squish them around to make sure they are fully coated and as More teriyaki sauce as the bag gets fuller. One the bag is 3/4 full fill in the rest of the teriyaki sauce and set in the fridge for at least 24 hours. I have even gone 48 hours, but make sure if you go this long to keep shifting the meat around every once in awhile to keep it fresh.

    Here comes the messy part. DO NOT RINSE THE MEAT. Instead you will set out old towels or paper towels, set out your strips so that one side is on the towel and after you have them all set out grab another towel and get the excess marinade of the meat by pressing the towel against the meat. once you have all the strips semi-dried place them on your racks that you use for your smoker.

    Go warm up your smoker. After about 30 minutes in room teperature the strips will get a glossy look to them. Once they look glossy its time to put them into the smoker.

    (depending on your smoker amount of wood chips and drying will vary)

    I use a Big Chief Smoker, I use 3 pans of Wood chips and after 3 pans have smoked I leave the smoker alone so the meat will dry. Overall the time it will take will depend on temperature outside. With 80 degree weather my smoker including the smoke part and drying will be around 6-8 hours. In 50 degree weather with smoke and drying time it will take over 10 hours.

    In your case if you have a different smoker just add the amount of smoke you prefer and then let the meat dry.

    End result is a sweet, smoky jerky that I still get requests for to this day. I will post pictures for the next time I do some.

    Good luck and happy smoking. =)

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    Great recipes here guys, thanks to all of you. Jerky is deffiantely on my "soon to do list".[​IMG]

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