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    Ok, a couple a weeeks ago I gots some sides, you might remember seeing some cracklin's and cracklings made.

    I did something I never did before and trimmed the bellies before curing (so I would have scraps for cracklins).

    Trimmed Sow Bellies

    For lack of a better word I will refer to 'em as slabs. Slabs has a very loose translation so even though these I would consider mini's they still meet the criteria for being a slab.

    I cut 16, plus all the trim was made into cracklins and one slab was cooked as a crackling pork.

    The other 6 were frozen for a later date as I had a crammed full cure bucket as it was,.

    As always I cleaned an disinfected my good brine or wet cure bucket.

    Now I used Pops wet cure. Why, well with all the portioning, weighing, and converting from American values to base 10, gives me a headache. And daily turning? Pfft.... Someday I'll try it, I say that everytime as I get out the cure bucket....LOL

    Nothing special I filled the bucket with the cure mixture, I left 'em in 3 weeks instead of two reallife caught up to me. Then when I started to smoke 'em I had smoker problems, Its always something! If you have a doubt where, this is what I believe Pop says.

    Curing Times

    “Curing times vary with meat, but generally overnight to 2-3 days for chickens and turkeys, 8-10 days buckboard bacon, 10-14 days belly bacon, pork shoulder, whole butts, 3-4 weeks whole hams, 10-20 days corned beef (fresh beef roasts, briskets, rolled rib roasts, etc.)   If whole muscle is more than 2" thick, then inject so it can cure i/o as well as o/i, and/or in and around bone structures, etc.”

    They were so tight in the bucket I was moving 'em around once a week at least to ensure no missed spots.

    I took 'em out rinsed and dried 'em, then set 'em under the fan to form a pellecle.

    Sorry about the picture my eyes were all blury and bloodshot!

    Due equip problems todays smoking unit will be the MES30 w/ the Masterbuilt cold smoke attachment.

    Preheat to 275, vents closed and no smoke.

    So I then throw in the meat (After the pellicule is formed) note the probe is only sampling the chambers temp.

    I open the vent completely, and leave the door cracked and start the de-water stage for an hour.

     After the hour, I insert the probe in the middle of the smallest piece on the top shelf, turn on the smoker, and regulate the vent. The thinest piece on the top shelf will always have the highest IT.

    Look at that nice smoke!

     and the vent? Regulating the vent is about the only thing we can take credit for.

    Its also why I can get so long a smoke out the AMP's as well as the cold smoker. Sure i could just throw it open but I like to feel like I am actually apart of the smoking process....LOL

    So 6 hours at 108 IT and the pecan is starting to work its wonders. Just a bit of color. So thats 6 hours of smoke, one hour of dewater, and about one of preheat.

    I pull it, bring it in and remove the rind or skin because at a IT of 108 it cuts off so easily.

    You know I don't think I am finished. Awhile back someone taught me about "double smoked". I have tried it a few times on andouille, smoked sausage, and of course hams. People here go absolutely crazy over it. I quit double smoking my andouille cause it was costing me a fortune! LOL

    Since I have removed the skin, I figure maybe tomorrow I'll smoke it again to ensure a good coverage on that virgin fat left when the rind was removed.

    The masterbuilt smoker = 10 degrees in the MES30.

    As for the rind, I have a pound of pinto beans cooking with some rind in them.  Mmmmm......

    Pinto beans, mustard greens, fried taters, and a pan of corn bread! I feel like Jr. Samples in the Hee-Haw Cornfield.... Yum yum!

    Will take some more pictures tomorrow.
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  2. tropics

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    Foam that is looking good,lets see the money shot.I like an egg with mine sir.
  3. rmmurray

    rmmurray Master of the Pit

    Excellent thread so far Foam! Keep it up. My mouth is watering.
  4. daveomak

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    Lookin' good Kevin....
  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great Start Foamy!!![​IMG]

    Another day of TBS will make that stuff Bacon to Die For!![​IMG]

    Be Back----


  6. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome Foam, nice thread ! Thumbs Up
  7. thegreatmc

    thegreatmc Meat Mopper

    Just remember folks, the number to call is BR-549.

    That looks really good. One day I'll get ambitious enough to make my own bacon.
  8. foamheart

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    Lets do an update.

    Remember that pot of pinto beans? I smelled it most of the night cooking, you guessed it low & slow.

    I wish you had Q-Smell, ZOMG I must have been hungry for pintos!

    Here's the slabs as they got up this morning, all chills and gigglie. Of course it befor they got their make-up on. Can you tell the one which one is skinless side up?

    See ya kind of miss the color taken unless you can see what they started with.

    Again pre-heated 275, placed the meat in the smoker, vent full open, door cracked. Yes they are still a bit wet, the stayed underwater for 3 weeks!

    Here I will make a suggestion to all you bacon smokers using a probe. Mark the slab you used yesterday so its easy to find again, no other explaination needed.

    An hour later insert the probe, turn the cold smoker on, crack the vent and close the door! And now look for something else to do.

    I did set the alarm at 115 degrees, and the smoker at 100. Currently the IT is holding at 110, but it will slowly drop.

    Back to the kitchen, the crème de fraise (Strwberry Liqueur) I started last week is just making happy happy sounds I don't know how long I'll last.


    Smoothing and making friends with the other quart jars.

    What pretty color! I have to admitt this is really good stuff. Look at that pretty color after after only a few says!

    OK, I'll be back with updates.

    Party on dude (and dudettes)!
  9. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thank ye kindly.

    Actually I have something special I was hoping to try this year. If I get it figured out. More to come later about that.
  10. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thank you, I am not sure if my very most favorite is smoked chicken or smoked bacon. Not to sure I want to live in a world without either though.....LOL
  11. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thank you Dave. You know what it makes me want? A BLT with a large home grown tomato. Doesn't that sound good? I might even eat two!
  12. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    That looks like way to much bacon for one person! I'll send my address if you help eatting it...

    My local Costco has whole, skin on bellies for $1.99! I need my wife to take a trip soon...

    Looks awesome!!! I'm following along on this epic journey of bacon...
  13. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You know I have never been an advocate of big smoke. I think meat should be kissed by smoke and not drown but......... Something about cured meats, andouille, bacon, ham, etc.... just loves that second dose. Plus after removing the skin I felt sorry for the nekkid side. About 4 hours in now I think, maybe 5.
  14. daveomak

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    When you get sympathetic about how your bacon looks, you have seen the light..... AMEN..... :77:
  15. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

     You need to try bacon, you need to make a crackling pork. ZOMG, that would be right up your alley! I bet you have already and call it some sexy island name. I couldn't believe I had never had it when I tried making it last week or two weeks ago (I have lost track of time). Thats like eating liquid love! Cracklin's too! Cracklins and some okolehao, drink yaself blind! But what a way to go!

    Once ya make your own bacon, its no longer an option. And you got 2.00 bellies? Man..........
  16. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thanks Justin, appreciate that. Comming up on 7 hours today in the smoke. about time to pull it out for the night. I didn't see much color earlier but at 110 IT I didn't expect much.
  17. Nice Looks really great

  18. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

     If you have not read it yet, hear me...... once you make your own bacon, store bought just ain't good. Thats why they can get away with charging an arm and leg for bellies! They know you'll pay the price no matter how outragious!

    Its really easy using Po's brine cure. And how many times do you get to sit and just smell the smoke all day? ZOMG its good stuff.
  19. c farmer

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    Great thread Foam and great lookin bacon.

    I need to make more but I have 4 loins curing now.
  20. foamheart

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    The smoker and cold smoker perfect! My hands smell totally awesome, I should go out for a drink but affraid I'd get mobbed!

    So.......I let 'em dewater, and inserted the probe. Can you tell which side the smoke comes in and goes out? LOL Just a little color down the right side.

    Regulated the vent

    TBS (you gotta look close!)

    While cooking in the kitchen, I went ahead and threw this in the mix. You have no idea what a difference a proper stock makes! I made some corn, cornbread. Used honey to sweeten and it rocked!

    So a total of 7 hours in smoke, 8 hours in the smoker.

    Look at that sun tan! Coppertone wishes they could do this!

    The smoker this trip? The masterbuilt cold smoker. Its great for 6 or 7 hours.

    I brought 'e, inside and I am like a proud papa....... Just look at these babies! They never broke 110 IT. I took 'em out with my bare hand its funny cause you don't expect 'em to be so cool.

    Just look at this!

    Oh wait let 'em move around and get 'em all to smile for ya.......

    One more pivture girls all get together for the class photo...... Say Cheese

    That smell, its soooooo good!

    Thats it, I apprecaite everyone looking in, I am humbled to have made the banner. I can't wait for this to mellow, but NOT looking forward to slicing it!

    Thank all for teaching me how to do this. Pops, I know your Dad is smiling cause I know my Pops appreciates it.

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