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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokefever, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. smokefever

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    Today is gonna be a busy day.  Went to the store earlier to pick up a few odds and ends and some things to make my bbq sauce.  I'm gonna do a rack of baby backs along with a beer can chicken.  Its just me with my two boys today so needless to say its going to be a culinary adventure.  My kids LOVE to learn about food, how it is prepared and of course, how it TASTES!  I rubbed the BB's around midnight last night and have them sitting out right now while the cooker gets to temp.  I am going to cook these around 250 today, no foil and no spritzing.  Just a drip pan underneath with apple juice, cider vinegar and water.  Here is what the ribs look like rubbed up

    While I was out I stumbled on this beer store I have heard so much about.  They have all kinds of microbrews, and 30 beers on tap.  They do tastings every Wednesday and since it was my first time there, I got a free Yuengling Lager Draft. . . . cant beat that!! 

    As you can see I couldn't wait to get into these beers.  I poured myself a glass while firing up the smoker

    For the ribs I am using some pecan chunks and apple.  I am also doing the beer can chicken so I will use Oak and Apple for that cook

    This is the base for my bbq sauce.  I am also adding a little bit of lemon grass, minced garlic and 1 yellow onion.

    After simmering for an hour, I'll put the sauce through a strainer, reserving only the liquid.  It tastes amazing. . . . the lemongrass was an awesome fit for this sweet/tangy sauce.

    I just put the ribs on, so I'll be back later with some pics of the progress and the finished product.  Thanks for stopping by!
  2. zedron

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    Looks like it is going to turn out great. I bet your boys cant wait for the finished product. Also, Magic Hat #9 is one of my favs.
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  3. smokefever

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    I just landed in the wonderful world of IPA's.  I have always just stuck with original Coors.  But after drinking a few of these, I cant believe I never tried them before.  My favorite so far is the Troegs Cultivator.  Not because it is brewed here in PA, but because it is so incredibly smooth tasting, with just the right amount of hoppiness.  I'm not a huge fan of Imperials, just a little too much hops for me.  I got, Scarlet Lady, Stoudts American Pale Ale, Tenacious Traveler, and some Full Sail.  The boys are definitely excited, pretty much anytime the smoker gets started they know they are going to like dinner.  Definitely makes ya feel good  ;)
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    Very nice ! I love cooking with my kids, the prep up to pullin it off the smoker ! Nothin like your kids wanting to help and get their hands a little dirty ! My kids favorite part is shakin on the rub, they get a kick outta that !

    Here's to good family, smoke and a few "brew" friends as well. :grilling_smilie: :beercheer: :2thumbs:
  5. smokefever

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    Couldn't agree with you more.  I don't get to spend a whole lot of time with them because I have a pretty hectic work schedule, but I love my Sundays and my little kitchen helpers.  My youngest (4) loves to put the rub on while his older brother (5) likes to peel the membrane off the ribs, and is full of questions. . . what different herbs are, what they taste like, etc. 
  6. smokefever

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    Ok ribs are done.  It took a total of 4 hours (with NO peeking) at 260 degrees.  I have always foiled my ribs using the 2-2-1 but today decided to just let 'em go and see what happens.  I think I'm in love lol  They are like candy!  Sticky, sweet and packed with flavor.  Here's how it all looks

    Did I say no peeking??  This is 2 hours in, I had to get the money shots  [​IMG]

    AWESOME smoke ring!

    And clean bones, these I had to dive right in to.  This has been such an incredible day, time well spent with the kids, they love their ribs and chicken is on the smoker as we speak.  Cheer's everyone, thanks for checkin' out my "Q'
  7. waterinholebrew

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    Nice job :drool. Those ribs, oh man !! That is one deep smoke ring, with pecan & apple.... All I can say is hope there's leftovers, I'am on my way ! :avatar3972_3:
  8. smokefever

    smokefever Smoking Fanatic

    [​IMG]   Come on over, I saved you a plate!  I was pretty surprised with the smoke ring myself.  I only had 3 chunks of wood in there for the duration.  It wasn't overwhelming at all, flavors were really well balanced
  9. werdwolf

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    Enjoy the time making the food with your kids.  Used to with mine and now they are grown.  Gonna visit oldest and they were talking about going out, told them lets stay in and cook and she was all for it!

    Nice Q view too  [​IMG]
  10. smokefever

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    Those are the best of times.  I love cooking with the kids.  Something I plan on doing the rest of my life  [​IMG]  

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