Anyone want to trade something for a Douwe Egbert liquid coffee machine(brand new still in box)?

Discussion in 'Exchange Program(Archive)' started by timmyt509, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. timmyt509

    timmyt509 Fire Starter

    I have a Douwe egbert coffee machine that is used in a business, it was an extra one and is brand new. Let me know if interested and thanks. I could use some good salmon and halibut.
  2. scubasteve1

    scubasteve1 Newbie


    I'm not interested in the machine but I would buy some Douwe Egbert Prestige Concentrated Liquid Coffee. If you happen to have any left. 


  3. What model is it?  I have some fresh yellowtail and halibut in the freezer as we speak.  All caught this weekend!
  4. lipstick

    lipstick Newbie

    Timmyt - I am interested in your Douwe Egberts coffee machine. What are you wanting in trade specifically? Do you still have the machine? Please let me know - thanks!
  5. bonnie luskey

    bonnie luskey Newbie

    Do you still have the Douwe Egbert coffee machine? What kind of machine is it exactly. We own a brewery and we could trade craft beer.
  6. Pictures would be good!

  7. akarahalio

    akarahalio Newbie

    Your post is over a year old, but I wondered if you still ad the Douwe Egbert Machine.

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