Anybody upstate NY area: 2009 Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest SATURDAY 9/5!

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  1. This is your private invitation to the 2009 Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest Party, Saturday, September 5th! Due to a scheduling conflict, it is a week earlier than normal this year. This will be our third year. It is held on Grand Island near Beaver Island State Park; directions and address on request for those who are new and have not attended in the past; it is NOT open to the general public and held on private property. We usually have a great turnout, with members from NY, ONT, PA, OH, etc. I will be there, though not sure if for its entirety because of my Mother's health. Richard Price, who was recently written up in the Buffalo News about heirloom tomatoes, will be there too, along with somebody from the Buffalo Urban Roots group that is in charge of heirlooms. It usually runs from about 1pm to 6pm, (leave whenever you want), and the weather is expected to be nice.

    This is your chance to have a good time, talk tomatoes & other gardening, maybe swap some seeds, and taste usually anywhere from 75 to 100 varieties of tomatoes, mostly heirlooms & open pollinated, as well as MANY other foods. (We had 94 unique tomato varieties last year!)

    There is no cost involved, though we ask you bring a dish or something to eat or drink if possible; please bring some of your tomatoes if you'd like to compete for prizes. There will be grills as well as a kitchen if needed for any food prep. Some food items in the previous years: Amish Green Tomato Bread, chicken-on-a-stick, Sahlen's hot dogs, Mark's garlic basil pork chops, Baklava, marinated veggies, numerous salsas/cakes/pies/desserts, etc.

    There will be prizes & award certificates for Smallest, Biggest, Ugliest, Prettiest, Sweetest, Tangiest, Best Tasting of All, etc. Raffles too.

    To see past info & pics of this event, see the following link at and browse some of the threads:
    If interested in attending, please contact me for more info & let me know about how many will be attending.

    Here's from our hostess:

    Hi All,
    The annual party will be held Sat. Sept. 5, 2009 on Grand Island, NY. This is a harvest party for all growers of tomatoes. If your harvest is less than spectacular this year, don't worry, as always, it is the gathering of gardeners that is more important! We have fun contests and great prizes, yummy food too. If you need to bring the kiddies along, that is fine. It is a family friendly party.
    Please send me a message if you would like more info.
    Thank you,
    Remy PS I tried to send an invite to everyone who has attended or expressed interest in the past. If you didn't get an invite, it was totally inadvertent on my part. This list is getting longer and my brain cells are getting weaker, lol.

    This really covers a broad area, but is held about 20 minutes from Buffalo & Niagara Falls. It's beautiful this time of year and many come from out of state. Not only is this happening but in Buffalo, The WingFest is also going on this weekend I believe. PLUS, if you've never been to Niagara Falls, it's only about 20 minutes away! Here's your chance to eat Buffalo Wings, heirloom tomatoes, Armenian Baklava, PLUS get you picture taken going over the Falls! All in one day or weekend!

    Hopefully I will be bringing ABT's!!
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    Shame it is so far away from me, would love to bring up a few of my Jersey tomatoes that are actually doing ok this year, Black Brandywines are performing the best.
    I had one tomato that was about 4lbs but when I looked at the bottom it had gone bad [​IMG]

    If you have never tried a Jersey grown tomato you have to at least once in your life, they have an amazing flavor.
  3. There may be people coming from even further away!

    My plants didn't get in until almost the end of June and am just starting to get some bigger ones other than cherries!

    You gotta prove how good they taste! If we can't taste it, we can't believe ya! Last year I won Smallest Tomato, Biggest Tomato, and Best Tasting Tomato!

    Here was the Biggest:

  4. Well, we actually had a couple come up from NJ, Princeton I think. We had 30-40 people attend, and had somewhere around 90-100 varieties, less a few duplicates.

    For complete coverage, see this link:

    There are over 100 pics!

    Here are a few:

    Best Tasting: Indian Stripe:


    Sweetest Tomato: Snow White:


    Biggest Tomato: Slankard's:


    I figure I brought about 45 varieties, some grown here, some at a friend's house. He also won Best Tasting and Biggest Tomato.


    Lots of tomatoes on display:


    Someone is saving seeds from all the different varieties as we speak!

    It's not too early to start planning for next year!!!
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    That looks awesome.Thanks for pics.I could spend all day at something like this[​IMG]

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