Advice for 4.5 lb flat? Limited brisket experience...

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by wahoowad, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. wahoowad

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    Hey folks!

    Been a few years since I've done a brisket, and those were always good size packers. Tomorrow I will smoke a 4.5 lb. flat that I grabbed on impulse. It is USDA Choice Angus if it matters.

    I've read flats can be drier, and/or dry out easy. Any specific advice to help ensure this still turns out good? I'll be smoking in my GOSM propane smoker, likely with apple or cherry chunks for smoke.

    Packers I usually took to 195 to 205, being bigger this helped ensure all parts were thoroughly low and slow cooked to tenderness. Would this smaller flat be better served coming out a little earlier, like 185, since it will likely cook quicker and more evenly?
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    I'm sure your going to get a bunch of different replies on this.

    This is my method.

    Trim most of the fat off.

    Place brisket in a pan fat side down, with a can of beef stock, or French onion soup.

    Place trimmed fat on a rack above the brisket so it will baste the meat as it renders.

    Smoke at 225 until about 195 IT or until a probe goes in with little to no resistance.

    Good luck

  3. wahoowad

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    Thanks. We're currently in the smoker so can't do the stock. I have fat side down and a common pepper-based rub on it.

    My upper thermometer says 253 so hope my brisket on my lower rack (above the water pan) is a little cooler.

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