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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cody0707, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I have a smoker that I made using a Weber Smokey Joe and a 32qt steamer pot, it's a mini wsm. Currently it runs off of charcoal and wood chunks. There are times that I am unable to tend to a fire during the cook. During these times I would like to make the smoker run on electric. 

    Here is what I have thought about doing:

    1. Install 1000w hot plate

    2. Install a router speed controller to adjust the tempts of the hot plate. 

    Here is a picture of the smoker I plan on doing this to:

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    Cody, morning.....   Hotplates have built in "over temp" thermostats...  makes them not work too well for heat unless you disable the OT switch and remove all the plastic stuff so it doesn't melt...   they are designed for use on the counter top....

    Router speed controls are not designed for the continuous use in a long smoke....   A dimmer switch will work well and last longer...   I use a dimmer switch...   I suggest getting a higher wattage DS....  say a 1500 watt rating for a 1000 watt element.... and make sure the DS is rated for an incandescant light....   This 1500 watt was used on my 800 watt MES element...   

    For your smoker, an 800 watt element would be more than enough to heat it....

  3. I just looked at the cost for a dimmer switch and it looks like anything about 1000 watts jumps the price up big time. Would it be more beneficial to use a PID instead do to the cost being about the same?
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    If you go with a PID it will also give you the option of programming.
    I built a PID for about $100 and used the Auber SYL-2352P PID which gives me 30 steps of programming.

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