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  1. Some of the abbreviations and terms are understandable but there are some that I can't figure out. Is there a place here that gives definations.
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    Burnt Fingers: (and everyone)

    One of the best tools to use for this site is PDF CREATOR...

    It is Totally FREE and also totally safe, but best of all I use it to create PDFs of my FAV Threads that contain lots of info I want to keep. Just store them in a folder of your choice and you have everything of value from here right at your 'burnt finger' tips!!!!

    It lists as a printer, so all you do is when you see a real informative thread, just hit PRINT and it turns the whole thread (page) into a PFD and stores it on your puter.

    If the thread is multiple pages you have to do it for each page but I also changed the 'OPTIONS' in my CPanel to view a lot of replies per page so I don't have less pages to scroll threw.

    This is a GREAT tool to capture Recipes, tutorials, debates, etc.
    All becoming PDFs you can go see anytime you want to without having to Search here or say to yourself, "where did I see that again??".

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