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    i live in the great white north, north western canada and have a very limited supply of product to burn in a smoker. shipping is dreadful. i do have some hickory sawdust, alder chips, and have now aquired some BEAR MOUNTAIN pellets from a friend that has a pellet grill. i have read the threads and see that the AMZIN  is compatible with other brands of pellets ...

    my question is can you mix pellets with sawdust and get a good burn.... a nice smoke?

    just asking because i see the Bear Mountain are an alder base, (no problem) BUT i would like more hickory flavor. the sawdust i have is not just dust but a little more course. i would love to try the AMAZN but dont want to take a chance i cant get a decent fuel for it up here .

  2. bmudd14474

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    Ive never mixed the pellets and dust. But I have used the dust and it works good on its own.
  3. mcockrell

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    the dust would most likely fall through the holes in the AMNPS.
  4. goliath

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    i see

    there is an AMNS and an AMNPS ...

    i guess both will burn pellets ????? is there a length of burn difference between the peelets and the dust ??

  5. mcockrell

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    according to the website the dust may burn a lot faster than you want it to if you get over a certain temp.

    youre best bet is give Todd a call or email. hes a great guy and has answered all of my questions. im sure he will point you in the right direction.

    A-MAZE-N Products, Inc.
    12372 River Ridge Blvd
    Burnsville, MN 55337

    (952) 736-7678

    [email protected]
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    This has been asked before. Todd posted that with an AMNPS you can use Pellets OR Dust but they can't be mixed because the dust limits the oxygen to the pellets and they go out.

    @mcockrell, The AMNPS was designed to burn either Dust or Pellets so there is no issue with dust falling through the holes.

    @Rackrat, The AMNS was the first design directed at Cold smoking in the MES. It was later determined that it only worked at temps below 180°F. The AMNS can not burn Pellets because the thin walls allows the hotter burning pellets to jump rows and the whole thing goes up in smoke in short order. The AMNPS has the sloped sides that allow only that row lit to burn and provides better oxygenation. The AMNPS design also allows smoking at any temp in the MES up to 275°F.
  7. mcockrell

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    thanks jimmy for the clarification! I wasn't sure how big the dust particles were.

    thanks for the info!
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    Oops..my bad I see there is already a reply to this.
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  9. Rackrat, I can't remember if Terrace(I'm originally from PG) has a Home Hardware, but my local one has started carrying Traeger pellets for $20 for a 20lb bag. Maybe if you ask they can order them in for you.

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