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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wagdog, Sep 24, 2015.

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    I have a question about the AMNPS. I was wondering how well one of those would do in a little chief or big chief smoker for cold smoking bacon or cheese. Has anyone tried that? If so, did you go with the tube or the tray? Did you put it on top of the drip pan or where? I love my little chief and my big chief but sometimes it is hard to get a nice thin smoke for cheese. I have tried using less wood and unplugging the smoker once it gets the wood lit but sometimes I still end up with a heavy white smoke that takes a good while for the resulting product to mellow. I've done this with bacon and cheese. Both turn out ok but they are really, really strong and spend a lot of time "resting" in the fridge.
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    The AMNPS might create too much heat... You might have to adjust the door to allow for cool air to enter the bottom.... I would set the AMNPS on the burner under the drip pan.... but you would get 10+ hours of smoke... burner off of course...

    My door configuration...

    ...click on pics to enlarge ......

    ..Inside of bottom of the door....

    ..bottom of door brackets....

    ...Top of door brackets to hold door in place when lowered....
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    Thanks Dave! What about that 6x6 tray with the sawdust? I think it might put off less heat. Any ideas there? I think I read on the website that the pellets burn hotter. I could use sawdust. I just need that thin smoke for my cheese and bacon. Six hours of smoke is more than enough for me in bacon and I do a lot less than that on cheese. Thanks for the pics. Your posts are always helpful!
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    The dust does burn cooler.... Pellets are cheaper... You can smoke overnight while it is cooler .... that's what I do... or you can grind the pellets in a blender, to return to dust, then use in the AMNPS... I've tried that also.... Mr T does that, and told me about it... it has to be ground really fine...
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    Sounds good to me. I'm going to give it a shot. I have a dedicated little chief for cold smoking and I have wanted to try out the AMNPS for a while now. Thanks for the tips.
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