4th of July Pineapple stuffed chicken

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    I let the wife choose the menu for the 4th and she told me that she wanted chicken with pineapple.......This is what I came up with.  (Note: I found this in the SmokingMeatforums archieves)

    A couple tbsp butter.....

    Pineapple and some bread crumbs......

    Pounded out some chicken thighs.....

    Sauteed the pineapple and bread crumbs in the butter.......

    Stuffed the chicken with the mixture, then wrapped it in ham,

    then wrapped that in bacon.....

    On the left is turkey bacon (for my wife and her friend), the real

    bacon is on the right.....

    Added some home grown zuchinni and squash......I only cooked

    the chicken via indirect heat from the outer burners.....

    I basted the wraps in a Hawaiian teriyaki bbq sauce I found

    somewhere online.....

    The finishing touch was a little coconut rice......

    This turned out to be an easy cook. The wife was super please. The coconut rice is a new personal favorite of mine.
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  2. That sounds awesome! I love grilled pineapple. This is just another way to use it.

    Thank you.
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    Looks tasty!
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    Good stuff!!

    Point to you!!

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    Looks real good!!
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    Happy Smoking,

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