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  1. Hi all,im looking to upgrade from my el cheapo,craigslist offset smoker to an electric one. Orchleans,my local farm store has them for 399 and have 90 day layaway,which is perfect for me and my budget. Eventually id like to get a traeger but right now i cant afford it. Does anyone have one? This is my first electric and i need any and all advice and tips. Also,can anyone tell me which gen it is...heres a pic
    Thanx guys
  2. Go for it, I also had a craigslist offset I purchased for $30 lol. But after 1 summer of that I purchased the MES30, I use it alot. There are a few cons(in my own opinion) I never liked wood chips bc they burn to fast so I have always just small chunks, and now use a DIY A-maze+N pellet smoker(check my latest thread for images). The MES is a set it and forget it until you have to add wood which is about ever hour. If you purchase a A-maze+N pellet smoker, it is in its truest form and "set it and forget it smoker". hope this helps.
  3. I think im going to...
  4. Looks like Gen 2.
  5. bearcarver

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    Personally I wouldn't get that one.

    Besides the fact that it isn't a very good price, that is one of the original Gen #2 units with the slanted drip plate & the top vent is in the side.

    If you want an MES 40, look for a Gen 2.5 BT, or a Gen #1.

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  7. I bought a MES 30 Gen 1 some time ago, and have never looked back.  I always use an AMNPS--unless I'm dumb enough to run out of  pellets--then I use some chips in the MES chip box.

  8. bearcarver

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    This may help explain it:


  9. My issue with your suggestio is im on a tight budget,hence the el cheapo ive had for 4 years. Ive gotta do layaway and this is the only one ive been able to find @ a store with layaway.
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    I understand that, but Personally I wouldn't pay $20 for a Gen #2.

    I've seen too many people get one before knowing about them, so I'm telling you ahead of time.

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    Whether you make payments to the store or put the same $10 a week under the mattress, you won't have a smoker until you get all the funds together. So pay layaway or save up, it's the same...JJ

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